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Collage of Big Ben and Baby Ben alarm clocks case styles

History of the Westclox Big Ben and Baby Ben Alarm Clock

Collage of Clock of Tomorrow, Dura case, Bingo Style 1 and Seth Thomas Baby Bens

History of Westclox Dura Case, Clock of Tomorrow, Bingo Style 1 and Seth Thomas "Baby Bens"

Collage of Clock and Watch case styles

Identifying Case Styles of Popular Westclox Clocks and Watches

Collage of Westclox clock and watch models

Westclox Models

Searchable Model List with Photos
Model Name List
Model Number List
Collage of Westclox documents

Westclox Documents (catalogs, advertisements, etc.)

Collage of Westclox clock detail variations

Detail Variations of Westclox Clocks (dials, backs, bases, etc.)

Collage of Westclox patents and a trademark

Westclox Patents and Trademarks
Westclox Patent Personnel

Collage of my blog posting on Westclox history

Westclox Articles in My Blog,

Articles About Westclox Products

Pocket watches
Wrist watches
Automobile Clocks
Drowse Electric (snooze)
Greenwich Electric
Electric Clock Motors
Advertising Dials
Dealer Imprint Dials
Roman Numeral Big Ben
Royal Jewel
Lord Baltimore

Articles About Westclox Company History

Important dates
Sales Data, 1905 - 1928
Factory Photos and Postcards
Westclox in Canada
Westclox in Scotland

Other Westclox Information

Fake Advertising & Character Clocks
Parts & Repair
Recommended Reading
Gary Biolchini Westclox book
Westclox - An Identification and Price Guide by Gary Biolchini.
Collage of catalogs from Ingraham, Seth Thomas, Gilbert, Hamilton, etc. clocks and watches

Database of Catalogs & Other Info. of Various Clock & Watch Companies

Collage of Standard Electric Time Co. master and secondary clocks

History of Standard Electric Time Company Clocks

Collage of Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clocks and one day weight clocks

History of Seth Thomas Clocks including Adamantine Mantel and 30-Hour Weight Clocks

Collage of Telechron clocks and motors

History of Telechron Electric Clocks and Motors

Collage of New Haven-Westinghouse clocks and movement

New Haven Westinghouse

Photos and information about New Haven Westinghouse electric clocks with automatic control, made about 1930
Collage of Sessions-haydon Chronometric clock and movement

Sessions-Haydon Chronometric

The "Miracle" clock movement using a 1.5 volt DC motor with chronometric governor. Made ca. 1959
Collage of history of small alarm clock movements.

General History of the Alarm Clock

Collage of fake dial Westclox clocks

Warning to Collectors about Fakes

Many fake alarm clocks with images of black people are being sold on eBay, the online auction service

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Museums with Westclox Clocks
The Westclox Museum, Peru, Illinois
The Canadian Clock Museum
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