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Roman Numeral Big Ben Style 1 and 1a

Here are two very unusual Big Bens! They have Roman numerals on the dial instead of the usual Arabic numerals. Two examples have been seen, dated December 29, 1913 and November 7, 1919. They are both shown below. These clocks were probably made by special order.

Roman Numeral Big Ben Dated December 29, 1913

Here's a Big Ben style 1 with Roman numerals, dated 12-29-12 (December 29, 1913) on the movement. This dial has "BIG BEN" above the center of the dial, and does not say "Westclox", just like other Bens of this age.

The dial says "MADE IN U.S.A." at the bottom (similar to that seen on some 1915 Big Bens).

Courtesy of Gary Biochini.

Big Ben with roman Numerals dated December 29, 1913

Roman Numeral Big Ben Dated November 7, 1919

Big Ben with Roman numerals dated 11-7-19 (November 7, 1919) on the movement. The case is style 1a, which was introduced in 1918, and the logo with "Westclox" in italics and "BIG BEN" immediately below is typical of this date.

The back is type 1a.1914.1, which I have seen on clocks made from May 1918 to February 1920. The patent dates range from October 6, 1902 to February 10, 1914. This back received a very light stamping at the factory, so the patent dates are very hard to read (they're at the upper right of the back).

We believe this clock to be all original. The dial looks like the right paper for an old Westclox dial. There is some extra glue in the 10:00 area, where the dial has been reglued because it came loose.

Below are enlarged photos of the dial.

Courtesy of Vince Angell.

Dial close-up Dial extreme close-up. Note the italics Westclox above the name Big Ben.Big Ben with Roman numerals. leg model case. Made in 1919. Back view of Big Ben with roman numerals. Looks like a standard Big Ben from 1919
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