Westclox Detail Series

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WestcloxBaby Ben Style 1BackBaby Ben style 1 backs have various patent dates or patent numbers. Early examples have a "Made By" line behind the rear leg. Some examples ca. 1913 have a $2.50 price seal.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 1DialBaby Ben style 1 dials were first celluloid covered, then plain paper. At first, the dials just say "baby Ben" with the first "b" lower case, and the back of the "4" is curved. Later, the back of the "4" was made straight, followed by the first "B" in "Baby" being upper case. The trademark "Westclox" was added to the dial in late 1917. Lettering at the bottom of the dial started in 1915.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 5BackVarious U.S. and international patent numbers were stamped on the backs.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 5Back MaterialMost Baby Ben style 5 clocks have a steel back. A few have brass or aluminum back.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 5BaseTwo base types were used, with various cavity numbers and auxiliary lettering.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 5Base Cavity NumberLettering "1 A" or "2 A" have been observed on the bottom of the bases. Max Schlenker said these are "cavity numbers" to identify the cavity used to cast the base.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 5DialIvory Style 5 Baby Ben luminous dials were brown-banded at first, and were solid brown starting ca. mid-1948.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 5Movement MaterialMost movements are nickel plated, some during WWII are not.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 6BackEarly backs have PAT. PDG, later ones don't.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 6BaseThe lettering, and some are cut-out and some are solid.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 6Base Cavity NumberLettering "1 A", "2 A" "5 A" or "6 A", or a number 1 through 7 have been observed on the bottom of the bases. Max Schlenker said these are "cavity numbers" to identify the cavity used to cast the base.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 6DialThe font of the name "Westclox"
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 6Movement MaterialNickel plated or brass plates with blue steel bridges.
WestcloxBig Ben Style 1BackBig Ben Style 1 clocks used different patent dates and arrangements on the back. Also, the $2.50 price seal, and various Westclox logos were used.
WestcloxBig Ben Style 1Repeat LeverThe first Big Ben movement patent shows 2 types of repeat lever. Inventor George Kern changed the repeat lever several times, until the familiar type evolved.
WestcloxBig Ben Style 1aBackStyle 1a Big Ben clocks have a series of patent sequences on the back. The patents were in two different locations. Later backs have patent numbers instead of dates.
WestcloxBig Ben Style 1 and 1aDialThis series of dials covers Big Ben Styles 1 and 1a. The earliest form of the Style 1 dial has unusual numerals, including a backward-curving leg on the "7". The Big Ben was improved from Style 1 to Style 1a during the period that the dials were made with "Westclox" in italic text. Luminous dials were first made in the Big Ben Style 1a era.
WestcloxBig Ben Style 7BaseSome have a single digit number, some say 75-102.
WestcloxBig Ben Style 7Dial NumeralsRadial numerals to start, changed to upright in 1958.
WestcloxBig Ben Style 7Hairspring Fastening to StudEarly examples are pinned, most are glued.