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Recommended Reading

Westclox: An Identification And Price Guide by Gary Biolchini. Covers the history of Westclox and its predecessor companies, and the development their clocks and watches from 1885 to 1980. Color photos show the series of models of the Big Ben, Baby Ben, electric clocks, travel clocks, wrist and pocket watches, and many other common and scarce models. In the appendices are 30 pages of model names and numbers with production dates for hundreds of clocks, watches and weather instruments.

Telechron and GE Electric Clocks

"Electrifying Time" by Jim Linz covers the history of electric clocks by Telechron and GE. There are hundreds of color and black and white photos of clocks, with years made and production figures. Repair and restoration tips are included, as well as a price guide.

Westclox Clocks

"Westclox: Electric" by Jim Linz. Hundreds of Westclox electric clocks from 1931 to 1970 are illustrated, as well as Westclox store displays, after-market automobile clocks and weather instruments.

"Westclox: Wind-up" by Jim Linz. Over 790 images illustrate Westclox wind-up clocks and watches from 1885 to 1970. An extensive history of the company is told through excerpts from the Westclox company magazine, Tick Talk.

Alarm Clocks

"Legged Alarm Clocks" by Dennis Sagvold. Tin can and nickel alarm clocks in legged cases made from 1880 through 1935 are illustrated with over 375 black and white photographs. Makers include Ansonia, Attleboro, Gilbert, Ingersoll, Ingraham, Lux, New Haven, Parker, Sessions, Seth Thomas, Waterbury, Welch, Westclox and others.

"The Collector's Guide to 20th Century Modern Clocks: Desk, Shelf and Decorative" by Mark V. Stein. The first reference/price guide to focus exclusively on 20th Century Modern American clocks. Over 2,300 clocks (including manual, electric, alarm, chime, novelty) are catalogued with more than 1,600 pictures. The book encompasses early industrial, machine age, moderne, art deco, streamline and mid-century modern design styles. Also included are desk, shelf and decorative weather guides (barometers, hygrometers, thermometers), radio timers/switches, kitchen timers, hybrids and related devices.

400 Day Clock Repair

"Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide". The classic 400 day clock book with all the movement back plate illustrations, suspension spring diagrams, instructions on how to (and how not to!) adjust the escapement, and answers to the most-asked questions about 400 day clock repair.

"Anniversary Clock Identification ", Mervyn Passmore, East Sussex, England, 2009. An alternative identification system to the Horolovar system, based on plate size and other characteristics. Many excellent photographs.

Clock Repair

"The Modern Clock: A Study of Time Keeping Mechanism; Its Construction, Regulation, and Repair" by Ward Goodrich. This classic written in 1905 covers repairing the major types of clock movements and gives details on making pendulums and making a regulator clock.

"The Clock Repairer's Handbook " by Laurie Penman. This is a great book for the beginning, amateur, or professional clock repairer. It has lots of tips you just don't see in other books.

"The Clock Repair Primer: The Beginnsers Handbook" and "Clock Repair First Reader" by Phillip Balcomb offer an excellent introduction to clock repair.

Steven Conover's clock repair books are noted for their excellent drawings of clock movements and their details about how specific clock movements are assembled and adjusted:

"Clock Repair Basics" by Steven G. Conover.

"Striking Clock Repair Guide" by Steven G. Conover.

"Chime Clock Repair" by Steven G. Conover.

"Repairing Herschede Tubular Bell Clocks" by Steven G. Conover.

"Clock Repair, Part-Time Hours, Full-Time Pay" by John R. Pierson. The How-To-Get-Started in the Clock Repair Business guide. This one of a kind book take you step by step through the set-up and operation of a home-based clock repair business. Subtitled "How to Start a Successful Clock Repair Business and Make Profits Immediately."

Clock Value Guides

The following series of books by Tran Duy Ly are the standards in the field. All are profusely illustrated with original catalog drawings and photographs, and the company specific books include a history by noted clock historian Chris Bailey of the American Clock and Watch Museum, Bristol, CT .

"American Clocks: A Guide to Identification and Prices, Volume 1" by Tran Duy Ly.

"American Clocks, Volume 2" by Tran Duy Ly.

"American Clocks Volume 3/With Price Update " by Tran Duy Ly.

"Ansonia Clocks & Watches " by Tran Duy Ly.

"Calendar Clocks" by Tran Duy Ly.

"Gilbert Clocks" by Tran Duy Ly.

"Gustav Becker Clocks, A Guide to Identification & Price" by Tran Duy Ly.

"Ingraham Clocks & Watches" by Tran Duy Ly.

"Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators, Part 1: Machine Made Clocks" by Tran Duy Ly.

"New Haven Clocks & Watches" by Tran Duy Ly.

"Sessions Clocks With 2002 Price Update" by Tran Duy Ly.

"Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements: A Guide to Identification and Prices, 3rd Edition (2 Volumes)" by Tran Duy Ly.

"Waterbury Clocks & Watches " by Tran Duy Ly.

"Welch Clocks" by Tran Duy Ly.

Clock History

"150 Years of Electric Horologyy" Covers the exhibit of electrical clocks at the 1992 NAWCC National Convention. For each make of clock, gives photos and a history of the manufacturer. Companies covered include Warren Telechron Co., Westclox, Western Clock co., and New Haven.

"History of the American Clock Business" Autobiography of Chauncey Jerome, ca 1860.

"Eli Terry and The Connecticut Shelf Clock" (2nd Edition) by Ken Roberts and Snowden Taylor. The most comprehensive book ever written about the development of the wooden movement Connecticut shelf clock. Many excellent photos of cases, movements and labels. I can't recommend this book highly enough!

"Contributions of Joseph Ives to Connecticut Clock Technology 1810-1862" (2nd Edition) by Ken Roberts. The most comprehensive book ever written about the development of the brass movement Connecticut shelf clock. Many excellent photos of cases, movements and labels. I can't recommend this book highly enough!

The above two books are excellent. They will give you a good understanding of the development of Connecticut clocks.

"Time and Timekeepers" by Willis I. Milham. First published in 1923 and reprinted several times with a 1941 addendum. Includes the history, construction, care and accuracy of clocks and watches. This book is one of my all time favorites and is a excellent overview of all aspects of clock and watch history and construction.

Watch Repair

"The Watch Repairer's Manual " by Henry Fried.


" Clockmakers Newsletter " is an eight-page, clocks-only newsletter for repairers and for collectors who restore their own clocks. The emphasis is on practical repairs rather than on theory. There are articles, Q & A, and repair tips, plus free subscriber classified ads to buy and sell movements, parts, books, and tools.

"NAWCC Bulletin" published by National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors . The Bulletin contains absorbing, abundantly illustrated articles on historic, artistic, and technical aspects of timekeeping. Experts answer your questions, there are concise reviews of horological books, members' opinions and comments, research findings and requests, slide and other programs available to chapters, plus news and announcements of chapter, regional, and National activities. The Bulletin is published 6 times yearly in alternate months beginning with the February issue and ending with the December issue.

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"Complete Price Guide to Watches" Including 2 1/2 pages of Westclox pocket watches listings, this 1092 page mini-encyclopedia lists over 10,000 watches with current values, and features more than 7,000 illustrations. It also includes tips for collectors and historical information, as well as guidelines to grading and appraising watches.

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