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Westclox References

NAWCC Bulletin

The following references in NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) Bulletins contain helpful information about Westclox:

NAWCC Bulletin whole #150, February 1971, pp. 884 - 891. “Long Alarms Made by Western Clock Co.” by Adolph Amend. Good photos, description and comparison of a 1911 and a 1929 Big Ben, and a Strenuous Long Alarm ca. 1905.

NAWCC Bulletin whole #224, June 1983, pp. 360 - 361. G. Lee Wilson (photos by Stoddard). Shows three photos of an early movement ca. 1890-1900.

NAWCC Bulletin whole #225, August 1983, pp. 446 - 463. “Introduction to Westclox” by Richard C. Tjarks and William S. Stoddard. This major article is a good introduction and overview of Westclox.

NAWCC Bulletin whole #231, August 1984, pp. 473 - 475. Tjarks and Stoddard. Five photos of early alarm clocks and correction of company incorporation dates.

NAWCC Bulletin whole number 235, April 1985, p. 220. "Big Ben Alarm Dates" by Elmer Finken. An analysis of dates stamped on movements of Westclox clocks.

NAWCC Bulletin whole #260, June 1989, p. 255. "The Answer Box" regarding the Sterling Clock Co. bought out by Westclox and the pending donation of a set of Tick Talks to the NAWCC Museum by Jim Whitaker.

NAWCC Bulletin whole # 273, August 1991, p.466. "The Answer Box" regarding the 1970 reproduction of the leg model Big Ben.

NAWCC Bulletin whole #302, June 1996, pp. 377 - 378. Photo of the Baby Ben predecessor (1910 - 1912) by Robert M. Schug.

NAWCC Bulletin whole #312, February 1998, pp. 26 - 30. "Industrial Relations at Westclox Corporation, Peru, Illinois 1887 - 1980" by Lisa Krissoff Boehm.

NAWCC Bulletin whole #352, October 2004, pp. 662 - 664. "Westclox Ambient Electric Clock" by Fred Tischler and Bill Keller.

The NAWCC publishes the Bulletin 6 times a year - it is packed with articles and information about clocks and watches.


Westclox Archives

The Regional History Center at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois. Their collection number 116 contains 31 boxes (21.5 linear feet) of Westclox, Inc. records donated by Mr. James Woolson, Vice President of General Time Corporation on November 3, 1980.


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