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Greg Adams, Gary Biolchini, Jeffrey Wood and Bill Stoddard, with help from many others, are researching the history of Westclox and their clocks and watches. The purpose of this web site is to organize information and make it available to the public. We will add more as time permits.

Bill is entering Westclox model information into the database, and hopes to finish that and start scanning Westclox catalogs in the spring of 2014.

Thanks to Jim LInz for the Telechron price and date information, and to Gary Biolchini for the Westclox price and date information.

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Use of Material

The material in ClockHistory.com is being made public because the authors enjoy sharing their work with others. We are also trying to ensure that correct information is available, especially relating to the production dates of Westclox clocks and watches. Others are welcome to refer to our work in their own web sites or publications, under the following guidelines:

This web site is created and maintained by Bill Stoddard.

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