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Collecting and studying Westclox clocks is my hobby. I'll be happy to try to answer questions about Westclox clock and watch history. If you want to know when a Big Ben or Baby Ben was made, see the Ben web page. For general questions about Westclox history, see the Westclox chronology. You may

I will not answer questions about values, nor will I answer questions about Telechron clocks or Standard Electric clocks. The information presented in this web site is all the information I have about them.

A good source for current values of Westclox clocks and watches and Telechron clocks is an online auction service such as You can use their search box and enter the maker and type of clock you are looking for. If you check the box labeled "Search title and description" you will find more items. For example, if you enter Westclox "baby Ben" with quotes around the words "baby Ben", you may get 1000 or more Baby Bens that are being auctioned. If you enter just Westclox, you may find 6000 or more clocks and watches listed.

Get My Big Ben and Baby Ben Identification Guide (20 MB PDF Download)

Biolchini Westclox book
Westclox - An Identification and Price Guide by Gary Biolchini. This comprehensive book covers the history of Westclox and its clocks and watches from 1885 to 1980.

See my recommended reading page for books about Westclox, Telechron and clock repair.

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