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Young & Company, Chicago, Illinois. This is the clock portion of the catalog, reprinted by Seymour Glick Enterprises, 3559 Summer Drive, Wantagh, N.Y. 11793.

The Ironclad Alarm

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Westclox Ironclad Gunmetal

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The Ironclad Alarm

"It Rings to Beat the Band."

It's a snap to sell an Ironclad.—It has so many selling points. Tangible, visible selling points, striking, convincing talking points. If it sells not at sight it'll sell on hearing. Bring one on the counter—point out how sturdily it stands, how mightily it's shielded, how huskily it's built.

Make them weigh it, make them set the alarm off, make them stop it.—Make them wind the alarm tight and see how long it rings, how true it rings, how loud it rings, then say "One-Fifty, please," and bring down another.

Packed 12 in a box with advertising matter. Dealers' names printed free on dials in lots of 24. Height 5 inches. Dial 2 3/4 inches. Weight 2 1/2 pounds. Rings 35 seconds; can be shut off at will.
B 5689 Case lots of 24 . . . $40.80
B 5690 Dozen lots . . . 20.94
B 5691 In small lots, each . . . 1.80

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