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Young & Company, Chicago, Illinois. This is the clock portion of the catalog, reprinted by Seymour Glick Enterprises, 3559 Summer Drive, Wantagh, N.Y. 11793.

Big Ben. Himself-His Policy

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Westclox Big Ben Style 1 Nickel

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Big Ben

Himself—His Policy

Big Ben is a handsome, well built, refined and bright looking fellow with a clean-cut open face and deep cheerful voice—a well-dressed, steady and punctual chap, up to the minute and always on the job.

Works 36 hours at a stretch, runs overtime when needed—guarantees to wish you good morning when you want and either way you want—continuously for eight minutes, intermittently for fifteen.

Kind of p'ticular and very exclusive. Works only for jewelers and then only for certain jewelers—those that agree to sell him for at least $2.50. Will never work again for those that break their pledge.

Big Ben is without exception the finest sleepmeter made—the best looking, the best built, the best running—he is handled by the best dealers, under the best policy, at the best profit.

Big Ben always comes to you straight from home, La Salle, Illinois—but he only comes upon receipt of signed price agreement. We pay his railroad fare on all orders for a dozen or more, we brand him with your name in lots of 24.

B 5687 Case lots of 24 . . . $74.04
B 5688 Each . . . $3.19

This document is shown for the historical record, it is not for sale.

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