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Young & Company, Chicago, Illinois. This is the clock portion of the catalog, reprinted by Seymour Glick Enterprises, 3559 Summer Drive, Wantagh, N.Y. 11793.

The New Clock Package—America Alarm

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Westclox America Style 1 Nickel

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The New Clock Package

We are now shipping America Alarms in sealed cartons, each containing one dozen clocks and a liberal supply of advertising matter.—Four of these packages make a case lot and an order for one of these case lots or forty-eight clocks entitles you to the free printing of your name on dials.

The cartons are made of elastic, shock-absorbing, double corrugated board.—They are packed, checked, weighed and sealed at the factory; they reach you still under factory seal.—They not only insure you against breakage, against shortages, they save you store space, keep your stock clean and fresh and provide striking window trimmings for your clock displays.

B 5685 Case lots of 48 . . . $56.16
B 5686 Each .. . 1.21

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