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Contains a letter dated March 9, 1936. Catalog size 9" x 12". Western Clock Company, Limited, Peterborough, Ontario (Canada). Note on the last page: All the clocks and watches illustrated in this folder are made in Canada, with the exception of Pickwick and Handbag Watch shown above, which are imported.

Pocket Ben, Dax, America, Sphinx, Siesta, Black Knight, pull-wind Mirror Auto Clock.

Document Series:

Westclox Catalog


The Canadian Clock Museum, Deep River, Ontario, Canada

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Catalog > Page

Models in this Document:

Westclox Canada America Vertical Stripe Dial Legged
Westclox Canada Black Knight Square
Westclox Canada Pocket Ben Style 4 Luminous
Westclox Canada Sphinx Brown Square
Westclox Dax Style 3
Westclox Mirror Auto Clock Pull Wind Rounded
Westclox Pocket Ben Style 4
Westclox Siesta Black Plain

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