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Telechron Trademark

The Telechron trademark was registered on November 13, 1923, applied for on March 3, 1921, but was first used in December 1919. The trademark Telekron (with a "k" instead of the "ch") has been observed on a few early clocks. "Telechron" comes from Greek words meaning "time from a distance".

November 13, 1923

United States Trademark 175,808

Telechton trade mark November 13, 1923

Application filed March 3, 1921

The trade-mark has been continually used in the business of said corporation since some time in December, 1919.


To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that Warren Clock Company, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Maine, located in the city of Ashland, county of Middlesex, in the State of Massachusetts, and having its principal place of business in the said city of Ashland, has adopted for its use the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing.

The trade-mark has been continuously used in the business of said corporation since dime time in December, 1919.

The class of merchandise to which the mark is appropriated is Class 27, Horological instruments, and the particular description of goods comprised in such class, to which said trade-mark is appropriated, is TIME-INDICATING APPARATUS—NAMELY, CLOCKS.

The trade-mark is applied by printing it directly on the clock dials.

Warren Clock Company,

by Henry E. Warren


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