Clock Case


Cast front clock case with the figure of a woman supporting a shield.

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Des. 26671   

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"The principal feature of my design consists of the figure of a woman symbolizing America supporting a shield, with her left hand bearing start and stripes, the central feature of which is a clock-face."

"Referring to the drawing, a represents the figure of a woman in a sitting posture wearing the usual drapery, with the folds of a flag over her left arm and across her lap. Her hair hangs loosely over her shoulders, a liberty-cap surmounts her head, and an olive-wreath is grasped in her right hand. With her left hand she supports a union shield a' bearing the stars and bars and having a clock-face as its central feature. At the base of the shield are two crossed sheaves of wheat. At the right of the figure in the foreground are represented a plow, an anchor, an anvil, a hammer, and a gear-wheel, symbolizing agriculture, commerce and mechanics."

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Charles D. Golden, of Chicago, Illinois.

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United States

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Clock Case


Golden Novelty Company

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Golden, Charles   


Fletcher, D. H.   


Dunham, W. F.   


Fletcher, D. H.

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