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Case front clock case, Christopher Columbus and a sailing ship.

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Des. 26670   

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Clock marketed by Golden Novelty Company, Chicago. Used a Western Clock Mfg. Co. movement.


"The principal feature of my design consists in the representation in relief of the landing of a ship, upon which is represented the figure of Columbus in a prominent position, and at his side a ship's sail with the clock-face as its central feature."

"Referring to the drawing, a represents a Spanish caravel in relief supported upon waves forming the base of the structure represented in my design. Upon the left in the immediate foreground is represented the crouching and prostate figures of natives, together with trees and foliage. Above the bow of the ship is represented a globe b, surmounted by an eagle with outstretched wings and flanked upon each side by a group of flags. A figure of Columbus in armor is represented as standing upon the deck of the vessel amid packages of merchandise, while at his right and partially behind him is a large sail c, supported by yard-arms d e, the former of which is suspended by means of cordage f, secured to the mast g. A streamer h is gracefully festooned and intertwined with the cordage, which depends in loops and tassels from the ends of the yard-arm. A circular clock-face i, surrounded by a beaded border, forms the central feature of the sail."

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Charles D. Golden, of Chicago, Illinois.

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United States

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Clock Case


Golden Novelty Company

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Golden, Charles   


Fletcher, D. H.   


Dunham, W. F.   


Fletcher, D. H.

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