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Westclox History from 1970 to January 1976


Corporate (In Office)

G. E. Hirt - General Time President
Alex Stamatakas - General Time Executive V.P.
H. B. Whitehead - Sr. V.P. and P.P.P. General Manager - Retired April 1, 1970 - will continue as consultant through 1973. Started 1953.

John Serafini - Will succeed Mr. Whitehead as General Manager of Precision Products & Parts Division (st. 1950)

Westclox (already in office)

G. Smith - Division Mgr. of Manufacturing
M. Long - Division Controller
J. Ebers - Plant Manager
R. Culbertson - Manufacturing Superintendent
A. Spetzler - Division Manager of Engineering& Automation
E. Cielaszyk - Chief Engineer
D. Hayden - Division Information, systems and Services Mgr.

Quarter Century Club - 53 years (Meeting held Dec. 5, 1970)

Walter Kolodziej - Club President

50 years service

Henry Anke (Traffic & Shipping) (st. 1920)
Sophie Karczewski
Paul Splittstoesser (Casting)

Charles Keenan - oldest living member of Club - 92 years old - attended the meeting.

91 - Honored for 35 years of service (Largest group to be honored for 35 years.)

65 - Honored for 25 years of service.

Total Membership - 1,015 (42% of all employed at Westclox) (1,015 Active members - 486 Associate members)

Approximately 1,908 individuals have been honored by the Club since 1918.

Elected - John Heitman Club President 1971


United Fund

C. Pellegrini, Chairman - 79.9% employee participation. 51 departments 100% - total $21,724 - employees contribution; $12,000 General Time Foundation donation.

Management Club - Officers

R. Kalman (Purchasing) President
G. Sonnenberg (Cost Est. Sup.),
Noman Utz
Felix Borisek
Don Troglio
R. St. Martin
E. F. Cielaszyk (Chief Engineer)

Westclox Donates LP (LaSalle - Peru) Scoreboard

Parking Lot

West end of Plant - holds 75 cars (new)

Westclox Launches Two Anti-Pollution Programs

Lacquer and Plating

Now one department

General Time - Conducts Research, Engineering, and Automation Meeting

held at Starved Rock June 22, 23, 24

Westclox Awarded Two Army Fuze Contracts - $9,461,000

Twenty-Seven Employees Complete First Aid Course

conducted by Plant Nurse - Madge Schmitt

Electric Cart Replaces Bicycle for all Mail Delivery in Plant

Form New Plant

Heavy Machining

Civil Rights Act

Guaranteed women equal employment opportunities. Women encouraged to bid on job openings.

New Pension Plan

Assures pension for district 50 employees


July 19 through August 2


Warren Hammerich - Foreman Final Assembly - now also Foreman Final Assembly Fuze (st. Westclox 1941)
D. Bray - (Was Personnel Manager) now Salaried Personnel Mgr.
F. Shaede - (was Wage and Salary Analyst) now - Assistant Salaried Personnel Manager
C. Sprung - (Was Labor Relations Manager) now - Plant Industrial Relations Manager
D. Andrews - Hourly Employment Supervisor
Lloyd Hoelle - Safety and Security Officer (st. 1938)
R. Luck - Labor Relations Rep.
Ted Martin - Foreman Plating & Lacquer (st. 1945)
W. Donnelley - Assistant Foreman Lacquer (st. 1946)
John Renkosik - Foreman Electrical department replacing John Samlin who retired
B. J. Abdella - V. P. Marketing announced following marketing changes
C. J. Elkins - Special Markets Development Manager
J. A. Musial - Marketing Administration Manager
W. Simpson - Special Products Mgr.
C. Clay - Supervisor Customer Service
S. Crouse - Production Control Manager
R. Kuetzer - Special Product Engineer reporting to R. Culbertson
J. Stowe - Utility Foreman
John Pietrowski - Assistant Foreman Parts & Subassembly
E. Tiggeman - (Master Planner) - now Buyer (st. 1940)
G. Koehler - (Foreman Stores Dept.) - now Master Planner (st. 1948)
Martiin Flaherty - (Utility Foreman) - now Foreman Stores Dept.
E. Cielaszyk - Chief Engineer (st. 1941)


H. B. Whitehead - Senior V.P. G. T. Corp.

Joined General Time as Director of Manufacturing - 1953
Elected Vice President - 1954
Appointed V. P. Consumer Products - 1957
Assumed responsibility Westclox LaSalle - Peru Plant - 1958
Appointed V. P. International Operations - 1964
Named Senior V. P. for G. T. Corporation and became General manager of P.P.P. Division - 1965
Retired - 1970

M. E. Schlenker - Retired April 30, 1970 (almost 46 years service)

1967 - International Division of General Time (Assigned to)
1963 - Director of General Time Overseas Procurement, as well as Manager of Engineering for Westclox (a position he assumed in 1958)
1952 - Chief Engineer and Consulting Engineer of G.T.
1940 - Chief engineer Westclox
1929 - Chief Designer
August 1924 - Started in Manufacturing Experimental Department

  Name Years of service
  George Dowling 47 years service
  M. Mauritzen 48
* Henry Anke 50 years of service
* Sophie Karczewski 50
* Paul Splittstoesser 50
  F. Witek 48
  W. Radke 47
  Sophie Lyeuski 33 years service
  Hedwig Foerester 46
  John Koscielski 48
  John Romano 45 (early retirement0
  J. Samlin 46
  Joseph Pienta 46
  Joseph Piano 47
  John Budziak 46 (was Plant Mail boy 1919
  Taft Zitoun 49
  H. Prentice 46
  O. Schlessinger 43
  James Savio 46
  Romelda Bensel 47
  J. Wilman 47
  Olga Zabukovec 46
  Herman Leshewski 47

Activities (Employee participation)

Bowling (Men's Leagues, Women 's Leagues & Mixed League)
Softball teams
Golfing Associations (Men and Women)

Quarter Century Banquet - 53rd Annual - 12/5/70

Talley Industries

(Part of speech by G.T. Executive V.P. A. Stamatakas)

Talley Industries was formed in February 1960 by Mr. Talley and Mr. Hirt. The basic product of Talley was military aircraft emergency escape equipment such as the ballistic rocket catapult which was the first safe low altitude-ejection seat rocket developed for the military. Mr.. Hirt is the patent holder of this unit and other similar items. Talley was actually a two-man company in 1960. . The business grew rapidly during the early 1960's, and in 1967 a major expansion program by acquisition was initiated. In ten years, Talley Industries has grown from sales of zero to $300 million in 1970.

Talley Company management took office (over General time Corporation) in 1968.

Mr. G. H. Smith - Division Manager of Manufacturing (at banquet)

Military business has been cut drastically - in 1970 billings 19.5 million dollars - a reduction of nine million dollars.

Spring-driven Clocks and watches slightly better than 1969 - 1969 sales 29.8 million dollars, an increase 1.5 million dollars . . . (LaSalle Plant only).

Quartz Clock units on test keeping time within one second.

Installed Prenco Burning Unit which will take care of our Water pollution problems - will be in operation 1/71

Air Pollution problem is still being worked on.

Employment level - lowest it has been in years - salaried, as well as production workers. Economy now showing some signs of recovery.

1971 - Increasing advertising budget by 10%, and on spring clocks it is being increased 100% . . . . plus adding sweep seconds hands to out Bens should increase our spring clock sales.
January 1971 - introduce sixteen models of clock radios.

Completed tooling for a humidistat control for home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Finished tooling a spring-driven timer for gas stoves, outdoor gas broilers and for sprinklers.

Intend to increase our Wrist Watch sales 30% - tooling to make several different models of men's cases here - intend to produce 1/3 to 1/2 our requirements.

March 1971 - mold and finish all our wrist watch boxes.


Westclox Lasalle Plant

J. Serafini Vice President and General Manager (Westclox Divisions and E.T.L.
M. E. Long Division Controller
R. H. Priser Division Manager of Product Development
D. R. St. Clair Director - Automation Engineering
J. H. Wright Division Manager of Industrial Relations
(E. R. Farneti) (Plant Mgr. - Athens)
R. Ristau
Plant Manager - LaSalle
B. J. Adbella V.P. and Manager marketing/Consumer Products
R. A. Enders Merchandising Manager
J. H. Finnell Marketing Manager
D. W. Hayden Distribution Service Manager

Westclox LaSalle Plant Staff

R. Ristau LaSalle Plant Manager
E. Cielaszyk Product Engineering Manager
R. C. Kotecki Manufacturing Engineering Manager
R. Culbertson Manufacturing Superintendent
R. F. St. Martin
J. Renkosik
Manufacturing Services Manager (retired 10/31/75) -
Plant Maintenance Manager
D. J. Baznik Material Control Manager
G. W. Koehler Production Control Manager
F. Mahnich Purchasing Manager
C. M. Pellegrini Quality Control Manager


General Time

Purchased plant at Franklin Springs, GA - to make room for transfer of NEW TRAVEL CLK AND DAY/DATE MOVEMENTS (Springwound) ----- developed at LaSalle - Movement will go into all travel clocks and also small boutique clocks. BABY BEN will use the new Day/Date Movement.

The 17 jewel wrist watches will also be transferred to LaSalle to this new facility for production. (2/75 - 100 models of the 17 J W. Watches were transferred - Engineering is still being done in LaSalle.

QUARTZMATIC MOVEMENT - developed and in production at LaSalle for desk and wall clocks - transferred to Athens.

NEW FACILITY at Davenport, Iowa - for the assembly of wrist watches - Quartzmatic Analog and L.E.D. transferred from LaSalle.


Units Sold - Production 1975 to January 1976

Big Ben (springwound) 794,655
Baby Ben " 1,102,310 (1976 - to use Travel mov't to be transferred to Athens)
Two Inch " 1.424.962
Four Inch " 2,028,162
Travalarms 449,777 (1975 - 76 - to use Travel mov't to be transferred to Athens)
Quartzmatic Wrist Watches 67,668 (1975 - 76 trans. to Davenport Plant)
Jeweled Wrist Watch (Franklin Springs, GA) 296,937 (1/2 LaSalle - 1/2 Athens - 1976 Athens - Engineering done in LaSalle)
Solid State Digital 11,902 (In 1976 to be transferred to Davenport, Iowa - new plant)

Athens Production

Pocket Watches 2,096,653
Electric Clocks - Digital 558,327
Electric Clocks - Analog 3,441,456
Low Current 65,524
Quartzmatic Battery 29,408
Battery 111,469


Springwound timers (LaSalle) - (1976 - to be transferred to Eastern Time Ltd.)

Weather Instruments (trans. from LaSalle to Gadsden plant)

Smoke Signals

Production on above - 140,406

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