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Early Seth Thomas 8 Day Brass Movement Spring Clocks

Half Column Case Clock with Brass Mainsprings

The label of this clock states "Patent Spring Brass Eight Day Clocks," and has a picture of a horse drawn carriage and a large building. The label also states"Manufactured and sold by Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn." 

The case is rosewood and the glass all appears original. There are no pulleys or any obvious indications of any modifications to the case. The dimensions are 19H x 12W x 4 1/2D.

The movement has brass mainsprings.

This may be one of the earliest Seth Thomas spring driven clocks. If you have any information about this or similar clocks,

8 day brass movement case 8 day brass movment 8 day brass clock

The label says "Patent Spring Brass Eight Day Clocks". Pendulum rod not original.

Courtesy of Ray Brown.

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