Clock Case


"Castle" cast front clock case.

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Des. 26557   

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"The leading feature of my design consists of the representation in bas-relief of a castle or castelated structure, in the central portion of the elevation of which, beneath an archway, is located a clock-face."

"Referring to the drawing, a represents the base of the structure, formed to represent masonry. Said base is wider than the superimposed structure and is represented as extending rearwardly in oblique lines. Flanking the corners of the structure are conventional forms b c, representing plants and trees, respectively, while a semicircular archway d is shown in the middle having a barred opening beneath."

"The main feature of the façade consists of a rectangular frame e, having a circular archway above the clock-face and open scroll-work f beneath. A gable g, having windows therein, surmounts the façade, upon the apex of which is located a flag-pole and flag. The façade is flanked upon the left by a buttress and oriole window h, bearing a flag-pole and streamer at the top, and upon the right by a wing showing two similar windows i j, a cornice k, a round window l above, from which is protruded a flag-pole and flag, while above the latter windiw is a receding gable m, showing a chimney and dormer-window. A battlement n is shows between the oriole window h and the main gable g."

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Charles D. Golden, of Chicago, Illiinois.

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United States

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Clock Case


Golden Novelty Company

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Golden, Charles   


Fletcher, D. H.   


Thompson, William   


Fletcher, D. H.

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