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1959 - 1960


Alarm clocks, travel clocks and electric wall clocks. Westclox Division of General Time Corporation, La Salle - Peru, Illinois.

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Westclox Catalog


Gary Biolchini

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Models in this Document:

Westclox America Style 6 Blue
Westclox America Style 6 Ivory
Westclox America Style 6 Pink
Westclox Calico Horse Blue
Westclox Calico Horse Red
Westclox Calico Horse Yellow
Westclox Fawn Style 1 Ivory Luminous
Westclox Fawn Style 1 Ivory Plain
Westclox Fawn Style 1 Pink Luminous
Westclox Fawn Style 1 Pink Plain
Westclox Hustler Style 2 Ivory
Westclox Lookout Portable Timer Copper
Westclox Lookout Portable Timer Red
Westclox Lookout Portable Timer White
Westclox Sailor Blue
Westclox Sailor Cocoa
Westclox Sailor Red
Westclox Spur Style 2 Antique White Luminous
Westclox Spur Style 2 Gold Bronze Luminous
Westclox Woody Woodpecker Alarm
Westclox Woody Woodpecker Wall

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