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41 page catalog. Pages 1 - 14 are about the company and its manufacturing method. Color scans from the Westclox Museum, Peru, Illinois.

Bottom scan of all pages: Courtesy NAWCC, Inc. Library and Research Center, Columbia, PA.

Includes alarm clocks, cast metal cased clocks, porcelain cased clocks, "The American" pocket watch, fitup movements.

Thanks to Gary Biolchini for loaning me better copies of pp. 1, 10 and 15 - 40 to scan. On Gary's copy, page 1 is labeled 1906 - 1907, and the product pages don't have the rectangular outline around the items. The page numbers are the same.

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Westclox Catalog


Westclox Museum

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Westclox Como Gold Plate
Westclox Parma Gold Plate
Westclox Reggio Gold Plate

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