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Windup and electric alarm clocks, electric wall clocks, travel clocks, wrist watches and pocket watches. Form 482-4-61. Westclox. Makers of Big Ben. World's Largest Manufacturer of Timepieces. LaSalle - Peru, Illinois.

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Westclox Frill Black
Westclox Frill Brass
Westclox Frill Copper
Westclox Manor Style 3 Turquiose
Westclox Manor Style 3 White
Westclox Manor Style 3 Yellow
Westclox Monitor 10 Square Desert Tan
Westclox Monitor 12 Chrome
Westclox Monitor 12 Desert Tan
Westclox Monitor 8 Brass
Westclox Monitor 8 Chrome
Westclox Monitor 8 Desert Tan
Westclox Sonnet Electric Wall Clock Pink
Westclox Sonnet Electric Wall Clock White
Westclox Sonnet Electric Wall Clock Yellow
Westclox Spice Chrome
Westclox Spice Copper
Westclox Spice Red
Westclox Spice White
Westclox Spice Yellow
Westclox Tambourine Nutmeg
Westclox Tambourine White
Westclox Tambourine Yellow
Westclox Wallmate Red
Westclox Wallmate Turquoise
Westclox Wallmate White
Westclox Walltone Electric Wall Pinefrost
Westclox Walltone Electric Wall White
Westclox Walltone Electric Wall Yellow

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