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Unique NameCompanyNamesNum.DateDescriptionStylesLocationFunctionTypePower
Westclox La Salle AlarmCompany: WestcloxLa SalleIntroduced: 1885
Discontinued: 1895+
Nickel plated seamless brass case, alarm dial on back. Was this their first alarm clock?ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox La SalleCompany: WestcloxLa SalleIntroduced: 1888 or earlier
Discontinued: 1895 or later
Nickel plated seamless brass case. Production may have begun in 1885.ShelfTimeClockSpring
Seth Thomas 801 Mantel Clock WalnutCompany: Seth Thomas801; Example Date: June 1889Seth Thomas 801 Mantel Clock WalnutWalnut case with with ash beryl veneers. Round movement with loop end mainsprings.ShelfTime; StrikeClockSpring
Westclox F TimeCompany: WestcloxF TimeIntroduced: 1899
Discontinued: 1923
Sold as fitup movement with no legs or as time-only clock with legs.Shelf; FitupTimeClockSpring
Westclox Five Inch AlarmCompany: WestcloxFive Inch AlarmIntroduced: 1889
Discontinued: 1907
Five inch dial sizeShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Five Inch TimeCompany: WestcloxFive Inch TimeIntroduced: 1889
Discontinued: 1892
Five inch dial size.ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Cottage TimeCompany: WestcloxCottageIntroduced: 1890 or earlier
Discontinued: 1894
Wood case similar to a cottage clock.ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Cottage AlarmCompany: WestcloxCottageIntroduced: 1890 or earlier
Discontinued: 1894
Wood case similar to a cottage clockShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox ElectricCompany: WestcloxElectricIntroduced: 1890
Discontinued: 1890
Possibly with battery and light bulb.ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Framed TimeCompany: WestcloxFramed TimeIntroduced: 1890 or Earlier
Discontinued: 1898
Wood case.ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Framed AlarmCompany: WestcloxFramed AlarmIntroduced: 1890 or Earlier
Discontinued: 1898
Wood case.ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Peru Alarm And TimeCompany: WestcloxPeru Time and AlarmIntroduced: 1890 or earlier
Discontinued: 1899
Unknown appearance.ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Minnie Ha HaCompany: WestcloxMinnie Ha HAIntroduced: 1891
Discontinued: 1891
Unknown appearanceShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox NeltoCompany: WestcloxNeltoIntroduced: 1891
Discontinued: 1891
Unknown appearanceShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox OmegaCompany: WestcloxOmegaIntroduced: 1891
Discontinued: 1891
Unknown appearanceShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox QuestaCompany: WestcloxQuestaIntroduced: 1891
Discontinued: 1891
Unknown appearanceShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox New York CalendarCompany: WestcloxNew York CalendarIntroduced: 1892
Discontinued: 1899
Seamless nickel plated brass caseShelfTime; Date CalendarClockSpring
Westclox Eight DayCompany: WestcloxEight DayIntroduced: 1894
Discontinued: 1899
Westclox Eight DayTwo open mainsprings (without barrels) run the time train, there are winding squares on back for a s . . . ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox CrowCompany: WestcloxCrowApproximate Date: Sometime between 1895 and 1900Made sometime between 1895 and 1900ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Nine O Clock Washing TeaCompany: WestcloxNine O Clock Washing TeaIntroduced: 1895
Discontinued: 1896
Westclox Nine O Clock Washing TeaSpecial order advertising dial, legged alarm clockShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
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