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Unique NameCompanyNamesNum.DateDescriptionStylesLocationFunctionTypePower
Westclox Long AlarmCompany: WestcloxLong AlarmEarliest Doc: 1902Westclox Long AlarmLooks like America or La Salle alarms with alarm ringing for a longer time. Time and alarm keys are . . . ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox La Sallita Style 1 Nickel White Dial Gilt CenterCompany: WestcloxLa SallitaIntroduced: 1902
Earliest Doc: 1902
Westclox La Sallita Style 1 Nickel White Dial Gilt . . .2 inch time only clock in nickel plated case, white dial with gilt center and beveled glass. Listed . . . La Sallita Style 1ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox The American Roman NumeralCompany: WestcloxThe AmericanEarliest Doc: 1902Westclox The American Roman NumeralPocket watch in nickel case with Roman numeralsPocketTimeWatchSpring
Westclox Porcelain Spade Shape BlueCompany: WestcloxPorcelain Blue8773; 8759Earliest Doc: 1902Westclox Porcelain Spade Shape BluePorcelain case with blue shading and 2 inch movement. Model number changed to 8759 in the 1904 and 1 . . . ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Porcelain With Ears MaroonCompany: WestcloxPorcelain Maroon8759; 8773Earliest Doc: 1902Westclox Porcelain With Ears MaroonPorcelain case with maroon shading and 2 inch movement. Model number changed to 8773 in the 1904 cat . . . ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Leather Traveling Clock No 1Company: WestcloxTraveling Clock No 12120Introduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1919
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Leather Traveling Clock No 1Square leather case available in red and black. Ivoroid dial with gilt center.ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Leather CalendarCompany: WestcloxLeather Calendar2160Introduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1919
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Leather CalendarLeather case with 2 inch fitup movement and manual card calendar.ShelfTime; Card CalendarClockSpring
Westclox Ok AlarmCompany: WestcloxOK AlarmIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1910
Production Suspended: 1905
Production Resumed: 1910
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Ok AlarmLegged case with bell and top ring. Has second hand. ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Pansy Gold PlateCompany: WestcloxPansyIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1916
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Pansy Gold PlateIvorine dialShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Pansy Silver Gray PlateCompany: WestcloxPansyIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1913
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Pansy Silver Gray PlateIvorine dialShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Regiment Pocket WatchCompany: WestcloxRegimentExample Date: March 21, 1903Westclox Regiment Pocket WatchRegiment pocket watch. This is an early Western Clock Co. pocket watch called the REGIMENT . It als . . . PocketTimeWatchSpring
Westclox C MovementCompany: WestcloxC MovementIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1922
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox C Movement2 inch fitup that inserts from the back.FitupTimeMovementSpring
Westclox Colonial Gold PlateCompany: WestcloxColonialIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1916
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Colonial Gold PlateIvorine dialShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Corso Gold PlateCompany: WestcloxCorsoIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1908
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Corso Gold PlateIvorine dial.ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox D MovementCompany: WestcloxD MovementIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1925
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox D Movement2 inch fitup movement, furnished with various backs.FitupTimeMovementSpring
Westclox Gem Gold PlateCompany: WestcloxGemIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1905
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Gem Gold PlateIvorine dial.ShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Imperial Alarm Gold PlateCompany: WestcloxImperialIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1919
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Imperial Alarm Gold PlateRoman or Arabic numeralsShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Imperial Time Gold PlateCompany: WestcloxImperialIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1923
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Imperial Time Gold PlateRoman or Arabic numeralsShelfTimeClockSpring
Westlox Clermont Gold PlateCompany: WestcloxClermontIntroduced: 1903
Discontinued: 1911
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westlox Clermont Gold PlateIvorine dialShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Strenuous Long AlarmCompany: WestcloxStrenuous Long AlarmIntroduced: ca. 1904
Discontinued: 1917
Earliest Doc: 1904
Westclox Strenuous Long AlarmLarger case than America, alarm rings 5 minutes.ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Showing 81-100 of 1,926 items.