Westclox Clock Variations

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WestcloxBaby Ben Style 4Base Bottom ColorMost Style 4 Baby Ben bases are painted gold on the bottom. Starting in 1937, some are painted the same as the case. Gold bottom bases have a brass nut in the center. Ivory and Gunmetal bottom bases have a nickel nut in the center. Some of the Ivory and Gunmetal bottom bases have a plated outside edge (like the gold bottom bases), others are unplated.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 4Base Cavity NumberLettering "1", "2", or "3" has been observed on the bottom of the bases on the left or right side. Max Schlenker said these are "cavity numbers" to identify the cavity used to cast the base.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 4Lettering at Bottom of DialThe "A" in "MADE IN U.S.A." has either a dot or a dash after it. Early ones have a dot. This applies only to non-luminous dials with "MADE BY WESTERN CLOCK CO., . . . " at the bottom of the dial.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 4Trip Staff NutLong or short nut on trip staff. Early examples have a long nut, and a correspondingly shorter alarm set knob.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 4Width of "BABY BEN" on Made by Westclox dialThe very earliest "Made by Westclox" dials have the name "BABY BEN" the same width as "Westclox" below the center. Most have "BABY BEN" wider than "Westclox". This applies to the plain (non-luminous) dials; MAY apply to the Ivory Brown Band Luminous dial; and PROBABLY doesn't apply to the Black Luminous dial, which started out with different widths as a "Made by Western Clock Co. . . ." dial and continued with different widths as a "Made by Westclox . . ." dial.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 3Back TypeThe first ones don't have a Loud-Soft control on the back. The Loud-Soft control was added in December 1932
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 3BaseThe style 3 Baby Ben has two types of base lettering on the bottom. Most of the bases are painted gold on the bottom, I've seen one painted black, on a case without a movement.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 3Base Cavity NumberBaby Ben Style 3 bases have cavity number "A.1" or "A.2".
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2Back TypePatent dates or patent numbers are on the backs.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2BaseStyle 2 Baby Ben bases have differences in lettering on the bottom. At least two companies made the bases.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2Base Bottom ColorSome are black on the bottom and some are gold. The first nickel clocks are black on the bottom. As far as I know, all painted finish clocks have gold bottom bases. Later nickel clocks have gold bottom bases.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2Base Cavity NumberThe Doehler (61-A) bases have either "1" or "2" as a cavity number. The other bases have nothing, or a small dot, or a large dot and a small dot.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2Base HoleSome of the Doehler bases have a hole located half way between the mounting screw holes.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2Cast Base Metal ConditionThe Baby Ben Style 2 was an early use of a die cast base by Westclox. Some of these bases are in bad condition, and some are remarkably good. These conditions are a rough way to track how well the bases aged.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2Inner Shell TypeVariations in the spring on the alarm sliders, no hole or hole at lower right.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2Movement TypeNo hole or hole for alarm pull switch
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2Number of Base Corners GoneSometimes one or both front corners are broken off. This is a rough attempt to track how well the style 2 bases aged.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 2RD 1927The Doehler bases may or may not say RD - 1927. The other bases may or may not say "RD 1927" The bases without RD 1927 are earlier.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 1Back TypeBaby Ben style 1 backs have various patent dates or patent numbers. Early examples have a "Made By" line behind the rear leg. Some examples ca. 1913 have a $2.50 price seal.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 1Center Pinion ConstructionAt first, cast lead with steel wires; later, solid steel.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 1DialBaby Ben style 1 dials were first celluloid covered, then plain paper. At first, the dials just say "baby Ben" with the first "b" lower case, and the back of the "4" is curved. Later, the back of the "4" was made straight, followed by the first "B" in "Baby" being upper case. The trademark "Westclox" was added to the dial in late 1917. Lettering at the bottom of the dial started in 1915.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 1Hairspring MaterialFirst a blued steel hairspring was used, then a copper color hairspring. The transition was ca. 1920 to 1922.
WestcloxAll WestcloxMaker's Name on DialIn late 1936 or early 1937, the lettering at the bottom of the dial changed from "MADE BY WESTERN CLOCK CO. LA SALLE, ILL. U.S.A" to "MADE BY WESTCLOX, LA SALLE, ILL., U.S.A."
WestcloxAll WestcloxWestclox logo on dial through ca. 1931The name Westclox was first used on dials ca. 1917. At first, the font was italic. Ca. 1923 the font became Roman. Starting in 1927, the x in Westclox had a tail on it.
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