Westclox Clock Variations

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WestcloxBaby Ben Style 4Back MaterialMost Ivory Style 4 Baby Bens have a steel back which is copper plated then brass plated. A few late ones have a back which is nickel plated then lacquered pale gold.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 5Back MaterialMost Baby Ben style 5 clocks have a steel back. A few have brass or aluminum back.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 1BackBaby Ben style 1 backs have various patent dates or patent numbers. Early examples have a "Made By" line behind the rear leg. Some examples ca. 1913 have a $2.50 price seal.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 3BackThe first ones don't have a Loud-Soft control on the back. The Loud-Soft control was added in December 1932
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 5BackVarious U.S. and international patent numbers were stamped on the backs.
WestcloxBaby Ben Style 6BackEarly backs have PAT. PDG, later ones don't.
WestcloxBig Ben Style 1BackBig Ben Style 1 clocks used different patent dates and arrangements on the back. Also, the $2.50 price seal, and various Westclox logos were used.
WestcloxBig Ben Style 1aBackStyle 1a Big Ben clocks have a series of patent sequences on the back. The patents were in two different locations. Later backs have patent numbers instead of dates.
WestcloxWaralarm - Fiber CaseBackEarly examples have a price label, later ones have the price imprinted in the back.
WestcloxModel 66 MovementAlarm Set Knob FasteningEarly 66 movements have screw on knobs, later they are staked.
Showing 41-50 of 50 items.