Westclox Baby Ben Style 4 Ivory Plain Alarm Clock, Document Model Information, 1935 Westclox Catalog -> 3

Westclox Baby Ben Style 4 Ivory Plain

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Westclox Baby Ben Style 4 Ivory Plain

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1935 Westclox Catalog -> 3

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Model Description: BABY BEN. Baby Ben, America's favorite small alarm clock–a 3 1/4 inch miniature of the Big Ben design . . . and by far the smartest thing in the small clock market. Baby Ben has a new type of alarm . . . a steady call that will ring loud or soft, just as you prefer. The tone of the alarm is controlled by a simple shift of a lever . . . and Baby Ben has the quiet tick feature, too. Convex glass . . . pierced hands . . . legible dial. Made in two finishes–black with nickel trim–also in ivory with gold color trim. Retails $2.95, luminous dials a dollar more. Ivory and Gold Color Trim–Plain Dial No. 324.

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Westclox Sales (Catalog) Number: 324

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Retail: $2.95 USD

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