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1929 to the 1940s or 1950s


This book was in the possession of of Ellworth Danz (Chief Stylist of Westclox). It consists of a black loose-leaf binder filled with hand written pages. Each page covers one model or group of models. On side has a picture of the item cut out from a catalog and pasted on. The other side of the page gives the following information: 1) The dates of any price changes; 2) Retail prices and dealer prices; 3) The date the model was discontinued and/or last shipped. This photocopy has just windup models. The original (for which I am searching) has electric clocks, too.

Big Ben Loud Alarm clock, non-luminous (Styles 4a, 5a, 5 and 6). Data from 1935 to 1953. "New gun metal finish still known as black 1-27-36 Not effective till 10-1"

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Big Ben Loud Alarm Clock

Replaces Big Ben leg model Mar 1, 1935

New Gun Metal Finish - still known as black 1-27-36 Not effective until 10-1

Fact # Mar 1935 – July 1939 #48D

July 1939 #48E

Introduced 6/28/54 Ivory #205 Black #201

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