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1929 to the 1940s or 1950s


This book was in the possession of of Ellworth Danz (Chief Stylist of Westclox). It consists of a black loose-leaf binder filled with hand written pages. Each page covers one model or group of models. On side has a picture of the item cut out from a catalog and pasted on. The other side of the page gives the following information: 1) The dates of any price changes; 2) Retail prices and dealer prices; 3) The date the model was discontinued and/or last shipped. This photocopy has just windup models. The original (for which I am searching) has electric clocks, too.

Letter to regular and quantity wholesalers that Keno and Hustler are sold out and they cannot accept any additional orders. October 18, 1940

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Due to an oversold condition on Keno and Hustler alarm clocks, we are unable to accept and additional orders for these designs at the present time. This applies to regular Keno and Hustler clocks, and also to the same clocks made up under special or private brand.

Orders now on file for either regular or special brands will be filled as promptly as possible.

When we are again in position to accept orders for these models we will advise you.

Yours very truly,


Sales Manager

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