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Sears Seroco Hope And Plenty Bronze Cast Front
Sears Seroco Hope And Plenty Gold Cast Front

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Sears Roebuck & Co. “Hope” and “Plenty” Cast Iron Clock

From the 1902 Sears catalog.

A $3.00 clock for $1.10.

Bronze $1.10

**. . Gilt $1.25 . .**

Sears, Roebuck & Co.’s SER0C0. A clock such as has never been offered before for the money. This beautiful bronze clock, solid metal through and through, standing 12 inches high and 9 ½ inches broad, weighing when boxed about 7 lbs., at the unheard of price of $1.10 in bronze and $1.25 in full gilt. The movement is a fine lever escapement movement, oil tempered steel parts and hand wrought brass parts, conical pivots, the hairspring agate drawn; runs for 36 hour with one winding; in fact, a movement that we guarantee to give absolute satisfaction. The case is a masterpiece, representing the emblems of Hope and Plenty, Hope being represented by a heroic figure of a woman with Greek drapery, resting her hand upon a cornucopia that represents Plenty. The base of the clock is made up of three graceful scrolls meeting at a base upon which the figure of Hope stands. The parts are brought out by hand engraving and hand chasing and burnishing. A beautiful wreath of roses in strong relief connects the two designs, that of Hope and Plenty. To sell this clock at this unheard of low price, a price that does not represent one-half its true value, we had to contract with the factory that makes them in such large quantities that the price of a single one is practically lost sight of. The design was executed by ourselves and is copyrighted. It cannot be procured elsewhere. If the clock is not the greatest bargain that you have ever seen or heard of, and if it does not in every way, shape or manner come up to our description and thoroughly satisfy you, return it to us and we will refund the entire amount of your remittance.
      No. 5R7520 Price, in Bronze ………………………………………………$1.10
      No. 5R7521 Price, in Gilt ……………………………………………………1.25
Shipping weight 7 pounds

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