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Roth, Ernst Ernst Georg Roth
Ernst G. Roth
Ryburn, PaulAkron, OH Paul W. Ryburn Westclox
Samson, C. L. C. L. Samson Westclox
Schierholtz, Henry Henry August Schierholtz Westclox
Schlenker, Max Max E. Schlenker Westclox
Senftleben, Otto Otto J. Senftleben Westclox
Sewrey, Ursen Ursen R. Sewrey Westclox
Smith, E. D.Witness to a Stahlberg patent.
Spengel, C. C. Spengel Westclox
Stahlberg, CharlesInventor of the "Westclox process." Charles Stahlberg Westclox
Steinmeier, Joseph Joseph E. Steinmeier Westclox
Stephenson, PaulI'm guessing that his work, such as the striking mechanism in patent 2.038,965 was used by Seth Thomas rather than Westclox. Paul A. Stephenson Seth Thomas
Stewart, AlexWitness on Stahlberg patent Alex F. Stewart
Stewart, Frank Frank Stewart Stockham Manufacturing Company
Stewart, L. J. L. J. Stewart Westclox
Sweeney, John John M. Sweeney Westclox
Szalek, Roman Roman J. Szalek Westclox
Talbot, Harrie Harrie F. Talbot Westclox
Thompson, GeorgeWitness on a Stahlberg patent George N. Thompson
Thompson, William W
William W. Thompson
Golden Novelty Company
Tisseyre, LouisOf Paris, France; assignor to George P. Cowles, Waterbury Connecticut. Louis Tisseyre Westclox
Truman, Percival Percival H. Truman Westclox
Utz, Edward Edward G. Utz Westclox
Wagner, Henry Henry J. Wagner Westclox
Warren, Henry Henry E. Warren Telechron
Wehrle, Frank Frank X. Wehrle Seth Thomas
West, E. E. A. West Westclox
White, ClifordWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Cliford N. White
Williams, W. N.Witness on a Stahlberg patent. W. N. Williams
Wray, EdwardWitness on the drawings of Neureuther's 1902 patent, No. 712,325. Edward T. Wray Westclox
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