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Last Name, First NameNotesFull NamesCompanies
Hopson, William William T. Hopson Westclox
Horner, William William Chapman Horner Westclox
Imirie, JohnWitness on a Stahlberg patent. John Imirie
Johnson, Abbie Abbie E. Johnson Westclox
Johnson, Andrew Andrew J. Johnson Westclox
Johnson, T. C.Witness to a Stahlberg patent. T. C. Johnson
Kaefer, Martin Martin Hermann Kaefer Westclox
Kaminky, Oscar Oscar H. Kaminky Westclox
Keller, Frederick Frederick Keller Westclox
Kelly, Roger Roger L. Kelly Westclox
Keppler, George George Keppler Westclox
Kern, GeorgeDesigned the Big Ben alarm clock. In his patents he states "Be it known that I, George Kern, a subject of the Emperor of Germany, residing at Peru, in the county of Lasalle, State of Illinois, in the United States, . . ."Mr. George Kern Westclox
Klein, C. J.I'm not sure if this is a different person than Joseph Klein J. C. Klein Westclox
Klein, JosephEarly employee of the company. Joseph Klein Westclox
Klinger, C. C. Klinger Westclox
Knight, GeorgeWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Geo. H. Knight
Knight, J. E.Witness on a Stahlberg patent J. E. Knight
Kollstede, Alfred Alfred G. Kollstede Westclox
Kraft, Howard Howard L. Kraft Westclox
Kramer, RichardI'm not sure if his patent applies to Westclox or Seth Thomas. Richard Kramer
Kurz, Fred Fred Kurz Westclox
Lagear, Weston Weston B. Lagear Westclox
Lawson, StanleyCincinnati, Ohio. Stanley M. Lawson Westclox
Le Beau, T. T. Le Beau Westclox
LeRoy, Gaston Gaston A. LeRoy Westclox
Levin, Monte Monte L. Levin Westclox
Lindenmeijer, ConradNeed to verify last name. Conrad Lindenmeijer Westclox
Link, Anton Anton Link Westclox
Link, H. A. Herman A. Link Westclox
Longan, EdwardWitness on a Stahlberg patent/ Edward E. Longan
Showing 61-90 of 150 items.