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Last Name, First NameNotesFull NamesCompanies
Dunham, W. F.Witness to Chas. Golden's patent Des. 26670 W. F. Dunham Golden Novelty Mfg. Co.
Durant, ThomasWitness on a Stahlberg patent Thomas Durant
Eddison, William William Barton Eddison Westclox
Ehrle, Edward Edward Ehrle Westclox
Eicks, AlfredWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Alfred A. Eicks
Elser, L. J.Witness to a Stahlberg patent. L. J. Elser
Featherly, William William H. Featherly Westclox
Ferguson, C. C. R. Ferguson Westclox
Fisher, AlbertWitness on a Stahlberg patent Albert P. Fisher
Fleming, ?Witness on trademark registration, 78,146 for ARMORCLAD ? Fleming Westclox
Fletcher, D. H.Witness of Chas. D. Golden patent Des. 26670 David H. Fletcher Golden Novelty Mfg. Co.
Florman, IrvingLived in New York, N.Y. Patented the flexible shutter used in the Westclox "Travalarm." Irving Florman Westclox
Frost, H. J. H. J. Frost Stockham Manufacturing Company
Gasper, Josephine Josephine Gasper Westclox
Gaylord, CharlesWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Charles E. Gaylord
Golden, CharlesChicago, Illinois. Charles D. Golden Golden Novelty Mfg. Co.
Goodenough, ArthurNeed to verify last name. Arthur S. Goodenough Westclox
Graff, George George Graff Dura Company
Greenleaf, William William H. Greenleaf Westclox
Grossheim, Max Max K. G. Grossheim Westclox
Gunthorp, WalterWitness on drawings of Blessing's patent No. 542,984. NEED TO VERIFY SPELLING OF LAST NAME. Walter J. Gunthorp Westclox
Hackman, H. E H. E. Hackman Westclox
Hanson, J. N.Witness on a Stahlberg patent J. N. Hanson
Hawthorne, William William S. Hawthorne Westclox
Haydon, ArthurLived in Waterbury, Connecticut. Arthur William Haydon Westclox
Heller, Frederich Frederich Heller Westclox
Heller, T. T. Heller Westclox
Henkel, Fred Fred Henkel Westclox
Henry, Emil Emil F. Henry Westclox
Herrmann, George George A. Herrmann Westclox
Showing 31-60 of 157 items.