Westclox Models

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Unique NameCompanyNamesNum.DateDescriptionStylesLocationFunctionTypePower
Westclox Baby Ben 2 InchCompany: WestcloxBaby Ben; Baby Ben Two InchIntroduced: 1910
Discontinued: 1912
Westclox Baby Ben 2 InchLeg model with ring on top. Non-luminous paper dial with small alarm dial above the 6. The numbers o . . . Baby Ben 2 InchShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Ironclad BrassCompany: WestcloxIronclad; El AcorazadoIntroduced: 1910
Discontinued: 1917
Ironclad in brass finish.ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Ironclad NickelCompany: WestcloxIronclad; El AcorazadoIntroduced: 1910
Discontinued: 1918
Doc. Date: 1919
Westclox Ironclad NickelIronclad in nickel plated finish?ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox TigerCompany: WestcloxTigerDoc. Date: Year 1910Westclox TigerNickel bell top alarm clock with legs. Front alarm set dial.ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Wecker AlarmCompany: WestcloxWeckerB5678Doc. Date: 1911Westclox Wecker AlarmTop bell alarm clock in case similar to America. Front alarm dial. Roman numerals.ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Baby Ben Style 1 Non LuminousCompany: WestcloxBaby Ben300Introduced: July 1912
Discontinued: 1930
Doc. Date: September 25, 1915
Westclox Baby Ben Style 1 Non LuminousLeg model with ring on top. Various lettering on the dial and various patent dates (later, numbers) . . . Baby Ben Style 1ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Baby Ben Style 1 Dealer Imprint DialCompany: WestcloxBaby Ben300Introduced: July 1912Westclox Baby Ben Style 1 Dealer Imprint DialLeg model with ring on top. The name of the dealer is printed on the dial. Westclox would print the . . . Baby Ben Style 1ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Good Morning Style 1Company: WestcloxGood MorningIntroduced: 1912Good Morning style 1ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox 61 Movement UsaCompany: WestcloxBaby Ben61Introduced: 1912
Discontinued: 1960
Westclox 61 Movement UsaThe Baby Ben two key wind movement made from 1912 to 1960.ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox SphinxCompany: WestcloxSphinxIntroduced: 1913
Discontinued: 1920
Westclox SphinxSteel seamed case. Rectangular bow.ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Sleepmeter Style 1 PlainCompany: WestcloxSleepmeter; Sleep Meter58; 100Introduced: 1914
Discontinued: January 1932
Doc. Date: May 1918
Westclox Sleepmeter Style 1 PlainNickel plated seamless brass case, leg model. Front alarm dial. Non-luminous dial.Sleepmeter Style 1ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Sleep Meter IntermittentCompany: WestcloxSleep Meter IntermittentIntroduced: 1914
Discontinued: 1920
Larger version of the Sleep Meter with an intermittent alarmShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Bingo Style 1Company: WestcloxBingoIntroduced: 1914
Discontinued: 1925
Doc. Date: 1919
Westclox Bingo Style 1Bingo style 1 (leg model). Non-luminous dial. This clock is similar to the style 1 Big Ben.Bingo Style 1ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Mermaid AlarmCompany: WestcloxMermaidIntroduced: 1915
Discontinued: 1919
Unknown appearanceShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox Mermaid TimeCompany: WestcloxMermaidIntroduced: 1915
Discontinued: 1919
Unknown appearanceShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Paz TimeCompany: WestcloxPazIntroduced: 1915
Discontinued: 1919
Unknown appearanceShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox Silver BelleCompany: WestcloxSilver BelleIntroduced: 1915
Discontinued: 1915
Doc. Date: Year 1917
Westclox Silver BelleSold to jewelers with ivorine dial. Standard alarm?ShelfTime; AlarmClockSpring
Westclox TamborCompany: WestcloxTamborIntroduced: 1915
Discontinued: 1918
Unknown appearanceShelfTimeClockSpring
Westclox TanjorCompany: WestcloxTanjorIntroduced: 1915
Discontinued: 1917
Unknown appearanceShelfTimeClockSpring
Westlox AgraCompany: WestcloxAgraIntroduced: 1915
Discontinued: 1917
Cast metal case?ShelfTimeClockSpring
Showing 201-220 of 1,784 items.