Telechron Models

Note: "Other" (Other Features): Dealer Imprint Dial, Custom Model Name or Advertising Dial; or Experimental, Reproduction or a Fake.

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Unique NameCompanyNamesNum.DateDescriptionStylesLocationTypePowerOther
Telechron 101Company: TelechronWood Case Telechron; Wall Telechron101Introduced: 1918
Discontinued: 1928 or later
Telechron 101"8 inch" dial, 11" x 11" x 4 1/2" quartered oak, mahogany or white enamel case. Available with No. 3 . . . WallClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 201Company: TelechronWood Case Telechron; Wall Telechron201Introduced: 1918
Discontinued: 1928 or later
Telechron 201"12 inch" dial, 16" x 16" x 4 1/2" quartered oak, mahogany or white enamel case. Available with No. . . . WallClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 504Company: TelechronMantel Telechron504Introduced: 1923
Discontinued: 1927
Telechron 504Flat top mantel clock with "6 inch" etched dial, inlaid mahogany case, available with No 62 indicato . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 331 PlymouthCompany: TelechronPlymouth; Tambour Model331Introduced: 1926
Discontinued: 1928
Telechron 331 PlymouthTambour mantel clock with "3 1/2 inch" dial.ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 322Company: TelechronVanity322Introduced: 1926
Discontinued: 1929
Telechron 322Round top mantel clock in mahogany case with "3 1/2 inch" dial.ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 711Company: TelechronTelalarm711Introduced: 1931
Discontinued: 1936
Telechron 711Electric alarm clock in silver-color metal case. The case is "Dura-Silver-Alloy" with satin finis . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 4f01Company: TelechronMaynard4F01Introduced: 1931
Discontinued: 1940
Telechron 4f01Tambour wood case time only electric clock. Mahogany finished case with Spanish highlights and Lacew . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 8b03Company: TelechronMinitman8B03Introduced: 1933
Discontinued: 1936
Telechron 8b03Digital time-only clock in wood case. Brown mahogany case, ivory color drum dials with black numeral . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
General Electric 4h72Company: Telechron
Marketer: General Electric
Breton4H72Introduced: 1937
Discontinued: 1939
General Electric 4h72Edge-illuminated clock of white glass with metal base. The example shown here is painted silver on t . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
General Electric 2h08 IvoryMaker: Telechron
Marketer: General Electric
Garcon2H08Introduced: 1937
Discontinued: 1948
General Electric 2h08 IvorySquare metal kitchen electric wall clock in ivory finish. Convex glass lens. Rounded corners.WallClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 2h07 GreenCompany: TelechronBuffet2H07Introduced: 1937
Discontinued: 1953
Telechron 2h07 GreenElectric wall clock in molded green plastic case. Case has round top and flat bottom with 6 ribs on . . . WallClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 2h07 WhiteCompany: TelechronBuffet2H07Introduced: 1937
Discontinued: 1953
Telechron 2h07 WhiteElectric wall clock in molded white plastic case. Case has round top and flat bottom with 6 ribs on . . . WallClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 7h85l BrownCompany: TelechronDispatcher7H85L; 7H85Introduced: 1938
Discontinued: 1941
Telechron 7h85l BrownRound plastic cased alarm clock with a tapering base with stripes on the front. Polished Nicral beze . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 3h81Company: TelechronVirginian3H81Introduced: 1939
Discontinued: 1942
Telechron 3h81Walnut finished case with fluted lower section in dark brown. The 3-1/2 inch metal dial has a cream . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
General Electric 4h78Maker: Telechron
Marketer: General Electric
Ballard4H78Introduced: 1939
Discontinued: 1941
General Electric 4h78Time-only electric clock with brass color frame, cream white dial with black outer band, and gold-co . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron War Alarm 2Company: TelechronWar Alarm Model 2; War Alarm; Model No 2 War AlarmIntroduced: ca. 1944
Discontinued: ca. 1945
Telechron War Alarm 2War Alarm Model 2 in ivory plastic case, tan bezel, ivory dial, brown numerals, brown hour and minut . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 8ha55Company: TelechronSelector8HA55Introduced: 1945
Discontinued: 1953
Telechron 8ha55Appliance timer. It switches lights and other appliances on and off, and can be programmed up to 11 . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Telechron 3h07Company: TelechronGracewood3H07Introduced: 1945
Discontinued: 1948
Telechron 3h07Wooden case tambour time only clock. Dial is off-white with polished brass chapter ring.ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
General Electric 7h118lMaker: Telechron
Marketer: General Electric
Troubadour7H118L; 7H118Approximate Date: 1945General Electric 7h118lElectric alarm clock in ivory case with luminous dial and hands. Dial has brown numeral band on ivor . . . ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
General Electric 7h154 BrownMaker: Telechron
Marketer: General Electric
Chantilly7H154Approximate Date: 1945General Electric 7h154 BrownRound top brown plastic case electric alarm clock. Vertical stripe design below the dial.ShelfClockA/C (electric mains powered)
Showing 1-20 of 35 items.