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Year 1927 (1927)

Year 19271927. Year 1927AdvertisementSangamo Electric Company

May 1929 National Geographic Magazine (1929-05-sangamo-NG)

May 19291929-05-sangamo-NG. May 1929 National Geographic M . . .AdvertisementNational Geographic MagazineSangamo Electric Company

Year 1929 National Geographic Magazine, (1929-sangamo-banjo-NG)

Year 19291929-sangamo-banjo-NG. Year 1929 National Geograph . . .AdvertisementNational Geographic MagazineSangamo Electric Company

Year 1929 may be National Geographic Magazine (1929-sangamo-ellsworth-lingard-NG?)

Year 19291929-sangamo-ellsworth-lingard-NG?. Year 1929 may  . . .AdvertisementNational Geographic MagazineSangamo Electric Company

November 21, 1931 Saturday Evening Post, p. 81 (1931-11-21-p81-SP)

November 21, 19311931-11-21-p81-SP. November 21, 1931 Saturday Even . . .AdvertisementSaturday Evening PostSangamo Electric Company

Year 1932 (1932-sangamo-lingard-ellsworth)

Year 19321932-sangamo-lingard-ellsworth. Year 1932AdvertisementSangamo Electric Company

Schwartchild Clock Glass Assortment 619659

ca. 1945Schwartchild Clock Glass Assortment 619659List of round glasses by model name and size, convex and flat.Parts CatalogGeneral Electric, Gilbert, Hamilton, Hammond, Ingersoll, Ingraham, Lux, New Haven, Sangamo Electric Company, Seiko, Seth Thomas Clock Company, Telechron, Waterbury Clock, Westclox
Showing 1-7 of 7 items.