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NameSummaryParent Co.Child Co.Is Base Co.
Westclox Division of General Time CorporationStarting in 1949WestcloxNo
Westclox Division of General Time Instruments CorporationThis name used when General Time Instruments Corporation was formed in 1936.WestcloxNo
Western Brass1945 advertisement: Western Brass Mills, Division of Olin Industries, Inc. East Alton, Illinois. 1956 advertisement: Western Brass, Western Brass Mills Division, Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation, E . . . Yes
Western Clock Company Ltd. CanadaWestern Clock Company, Ltd., Peterborough, CanadaWestcloxNo
Western Clock Company (the first one, 1887 - 1888)Started in 1887.WestcloxNo
Western Clock Company (the second one, 1912 - 1936)Starting in 1912WestcloxNo
Western Clock Manufacturing CompanyStarting in 1888WestcloxNo
Showing 81-87 of 87 items.