Westclox Bingo Style 1

Westclox Bingo Style 1

Date Summary:

1914 - 1925


Leg model with ring on top.

Style Information:

Polished nickel-plated case, white dial

There is one model of Westclox Bingo Style 1 in the database

Westclox Bingo Style 1
Bingo style 1 (leg model). Non-luminous dial.
Dates made: 1914 - 1923


Very similar to the Big Ben style 1a.

Its movement is rear-mounting like the Big Ben style 1a, and the dial has numerals like the very early Big Ben style (notice the backwards curve on the numeral 7). The case is smaller than the Big Ben case. The legs are double hexagon like the first Big Ben style 1a clocks.

The style 1 Bingo has the intermittent feature like the Big Ben, but it cannot be shut off.

The Bingo style 1 is less common than the Big Ben alarm clocks of the same period.

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