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St. Louis Clock and Silverware Company, 616 Locust St. St. Louis, MO. Reprinted by Robert G. Spence Co., Publishers, Box 6023, St. Louis, MO 63139. Here are the pages that contain Western Clock Mfg. Co. (Westclox) clocks, other alarm clocks, and "dollar" pocket watches. Twelfth Annual Catalog.

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Westclox Champion Alarm
Westclox Champion Time
Westclox French Stag 50535
Westclox French Stag 5175
Westclox French Stag 5321
Westclox French Stag 5541
Westclox French Stag 5545
Westclox French Stag 5565
Westclox French Stag 5621
Westclox French Stag 5625
Westclox F W Black
Westclox Nice Gold Plate
Westclox Toulon Gold Plate
Westclox Tourenne Gold Plate
Westclox Versailles Gold Plate

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