Westclox Tiny Tim Nickel Shelf Clock, Document Model Information, 1928 Westclox Color Pages, Frankfurth Hardware Co. -> 1458D

Westclox Tiny Tim Nickel

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Westclox Tiny Tim Nickel

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1928 Westclox Color Pages, Frankfurth Hardware Co. -> 1458D

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Introduction: Tiny Tim. The Newest Westclox. As the name implies, Tiny Tim is a small clock—it's the newest Westclox and has the same graceful design as the de luxe models, but has no alarm. It's an unusual little clock for the desk, the dresser, library, nursery, kitchen, school room and the office. Tiny Tim's daintiness, its design, its colorful charm meets with instant favor everywhere—readily appeals whenever small size and dependable timekeeping are the requirements. Tiny Tim is felt cushioned underneath and dust-proof. Stands 2 1/2 inches high—has silvered etched metal dial, and is made in nickel, walnut, old rose, blue, green and yellow. They come packed in an assortment of six—one of each finish—sells to the consumer for $2.50—a profitable item for the retailer.

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Retail: $2.50 USD

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