Do you like what you see on this web site? Monetary donations to help me continue adding information will be most helpful! I'm entering all known Westclox models into the database, and hope to finish this in Spring of 2014, then enter Telechron models. After that, I'll scan Westclox catalogs and display them here.

I would especially like to find more Westclox catalogs. They will help me identify the years each model of clock and watch was made. I'll scan all the catalogs I can find and display them here. If you have anything like this

My mailing address is:

Bill's Clockworks
8 West Columbia Street
Flora, IN 46929

If you have any old alarm clocks or electric clocks you were thinking about throwing away, please send them to me instead.

Donations of old clock motors and clocks (even non-working ones) will be gratefully accepted. These will be used for research purposes, or the parts can be used for rebuilding other old motors.

Wanted: Old A, B, F and H rotors - working or not! Paying up to $1.00 each for H rotors such as the nickel plated or copper ones shown on my F and H motor web page. The housing must be undamaged and have no holes drilled in it. I'll accept the the newer aluminum rotors as a donation, but will not pay for them. if you can help.

We need photos of clocks by Standard Electric Time Company of Springfield, Mass. Please contact if you can help out.

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