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Adams, WilliamWitness on a Stahlberg patent. William P. Adams
Andrews, HenryWitness on a Stahlberg patent Henry C. Andrews
Bakewell, GeorgeWitness on a Stahlberg patent.
Brewster, Benj.Witness to a Stahlberg patent Benj. D. Brewster
Durant, ThomasWitness on a Stahlberg patent Thomas Durant
Eicks, AlfredWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Alfred A. Eicks
Elser, L. J.Witness to a Stahlberg patent. L. J. Elser
Fisher, AlbertWitness on a Stahlberg patent Albert P. Fisher
Gaylord, CharlesWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Charles E. Gaylord
Hanson, J. N.Witness on a Stahlberg patent J. N. Hanson
Imirie, JohnWitness on a Stahlberg patent. John Imirie
Johnson, T. C.Witness to a Stahlberg patent. T. C. Johnson
Knight, GeorgeWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Geo. H. Knight
Knight, J. E.Witness on a Stahlberg patent J. E. Knight
Kramer, RichardI'm not sure if his patent applies to Westclox or Seth Thomas. Richard Kramer
Longan, EdwardWitness on a Stahlberg patent/ Edward E. Longan
Pennington, G. A,Witness on a Stahlberg patent. G. A. Pennington
Pickles, CharlesWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Charles Pickles
Rippey, JohnWitness on a Stahlberg patent John D. Rippey
Ritz, OscarWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Oscar Ritz
Rogers, EdwardWitness to a Stahlberg patent. Edward H. Rogers
Smith, E. D.Witness to a Stahlberg patent.
Stewart, AlexWitness on Stahlberg patent Alex F. Stewart
Thompson, GeorgeWitness on a Stahlberg patent George N. Thompson
White, ClifordWitness on a Stahlberg patent. Cliford N. White
Williams, W. N.Witness on a Stahlberg patent. W. N. Williams
Graff, George George Graff Dura Company
Dunham, W. F.Witness to Chas. Golden's patent Des. 26670 W. F. Dunham Golden Novelty Company
Fletcher, D. H.Witness of Chas. D. Golden patent Des. 26670 David H. Fletcher Golden Novelty Company
Golden, CharlesChicago, Illinois. Charles D. Golden Golden Novelty Company
Showing 1-30 of 150 items.