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Last Name, First NameNotesFull NamesCompanies
Thompson, William W
William W. Thompson
Golden Novelty Company
Basset, Everett Everett S. Bassett Seth Thomas
Stephenson, PaulI'm guessing that his work, such as the striking mechanism in patent 2.038,965 was used by Seth Thomas rather than Westclox. Paul A. Stephenson Seth Thomas
Wehrle, Frank Frank X. Wehrle Seth Thomas
Frost, H. J. H. J. Frost Stockham Manufacturing Company
MacKenzie, M. S. M. S. MacKenzie Stockham Manufacturing Company
Stewart, Frank Frank Stewart Stockham Manufacturing Company
Warren, Henry Henry E. Warren Telechron
Adams, Albert Albert H. Adams Westclox
Bannatyne, ArchibaldWittness on the drawings of Stahlberg's 1885 patent, No. 326,602. Archibald Bannatyne Westclox
Bennett, Louise Louise Bennett Westclox
Bentzinger, WilliamSioux Falls, South Dakota William E. Bentzinger Westclox
Berlin, Charles Charles Berlin Westclox
Bindschedler, Theodore Theodore Samuel Bindschedler Westclox
Birkenbeuel, Edward Edward B. Birkenbeuel Westclox
Blessing, John John G. Blessing Westclox
Blow, George George Waller Blow Westclox
Brauns, Paul Paul Brauns Westclox
Canivet, CharlesDesigned the case for the "Plymouth" 2 inch clock, shown on page 31 of the 1907 catalog. Charles G. Canivet Jr.Westclox
Cielaszyk, Edward Edward F. Cielaszyk Westclox
Cooper, A. W.Hard to read. Signed Kern's patent 1078858. This patent had a different attorney than Neureuther. A. W. Cooper Westclox
Cotnareanu, IonelOf Paris, France; assignor to George P. Cowles, Waterbury Connecticut. Ionel Cotnareanu Westclox
Cowles, GeorgeLived in Brooklyn, NY then Waterbury, Connecticut (not a complete list). George P. Cowles Westclox
Cox, William William G. Cox Westclox
Crenshaw, John John C. Crenshaw Westclox
Danz, Ellworth Ellworth R. Danz Westclox
Darrot, Paul Paul G. Darrot Westclox
Dauber, Oscar Oscar W. Dauber Westclox
D'Ercoli, Giacinto Giacinto C. D'Ercoli Westclox
Dodge, William William I. Dodge Westclox
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