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S. H. Clausin & Co. 1917 Catalog

1917S. H. Clausin & Co. 1917 CatalogS. H. Clausin & Co., 13-15-17 South Sixth Street, Minneapolis, Minn. These are the pages of watch ca . . . CatalogE. Howard Watch Co., Elgin, Gilbert, Hamilton, Illinois Watch Company, Ingersoll, Ingraham, New Haven, Seth Thomas, Waltham Watch Company, Waterbury Clock, WestcloxClock & Watch

1919, First Aid for Injured Westclox, Western Clock Co. - Makers of Westclox; LaSalle - Peru; Illinois

19191919, First Aid for Injured Westclox, Western Cloc . . .Westclox parts and repair manual, 1919Parts CatalogWestcloxClock & Watch

Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. 1919 Catalog

1919Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. 1919 CatalogHIbbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., 2 pages of clocksCatalogIngraham, New Haven, WestcloxClock & Watch

Good Morning Alarm Clocks and Watches by Shapleigh Hardware Co., St. Louis, Missouri.

ca. 1920Good Morning Alarm Clocks and Watches by Shapleigh . . .Illustrates and describes four Good Morning leg model alarm clocks (GM 1 through GM 4) and the Good . . . CatalogWestcloxClock & Watch

G. W. Huntley 1923 Catalog

1923G. W. Huntley 1923 CatalogG. W. Huntley & Co., Chicago. One page of Swiss travel clocks and auto clocks, and a page of Elgin l . . . CatalogElgin, WestcloxClock & Watch

Aisenstein-Woronock & Sons, Inc

February 1929Aisenstein-Woronock & Sons, IncAisenstein-Woronock & Sons, Inc; Vol. 6, No. 2, February, 1929. The Largest Wholesale Jewelry House . . . CatalogWestcloxClock & Watch

Fort Dearborn 1932 Catalog

1932Fort Dearborn 1932 CatalogFort Dearborn Watch and Clock Co., Fort Dearborn Chicago 1803 Illinois.CatalogSterling Clock Company, WestcloxClock & Watch

Dunham, Carrigan & Hayden Co. Catalog, ca. 1933

ca. 1933Dunham, Carrigan & Hayden Co. Catalog, ca. 1933Four pages from the catalog showing Westclox and Hammond electric clocksCatalogHammond, WestcloxClock & Watch

Belknap Hardware 1937 Catalog

1937Belknap Hardware 1937 Catalog2 clock pages from the catalog. Belknap Hardware & Manufacturing Co.CatalogHammond, Ingersoll, Ingraham, New Haven, Parker, Telechron, WestcloxClock & Watch

Geo. Worthington 1937 Catalog

9-15-37Geo. Worthington 1937 CatalogThe Geo Worthington Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 9-15-37. One page from this catalog, showing Mickey Mouse . . . CatalogIngersoll, New Haven, WestcloxClock & Watch

Michigan Hardware 1938

1938Michigan Hardware 1938Westclox and New Haven watches and clocks.CatalogNew England Watch Company, New Haven, WestcloxClock & Watch

Becken 1938 Catalog

1938Becken 1938 Catalog2 clock pages from the catalogCatalogWestcloxClock & Watch

Westclox 1938 Canada Catalog

1938Westclox 1938 Canada CatalogShows clocks made by Westclox, Canada and Westclox USA. Not dated, but based on the clocks it shows, . . . CatalogWestcloxClock & Watch

Jewel News, Vol. 18, No. 9, 1940

1940Jewel News, Vol. 18, No. 9, 1940The Jewel News, Published for the Homemakers of America. Shows the "Royal Jewel" alarm clock made by . . . CatalogWestcloxClock & Watch

Richards & Conover Hardware Catalog 1941

October - November, 1941Richards & Conover Hardware Catalog 1941Ingraham, New Haven, Mansfield Automobile clocks, Westclox.CatalogIngraham, New Haven, WestcloxClock & Watch

1943, Illustrated Catalog of Westclox Materials; Henry Paulson & Co.; 37 S. Wabash Ave.; Chicago

19431943, Illustrated Catalog of Westclox Materials; H . . .Westclox clock parts catalog, published 1943Parts CatalogWestcloxClock & Watch

Schwartchild Clock Glass Assortment 619659

ca. 1945Schwartchild Clock Glass Assortment 619659List of round glasses by model name and size, convex and flat.Parts CatalogGeneral Electric, Gilbert, Hamilton, Hammond, Ingersoll, Ingraham, Lux, New Haven, Sangamo Electric Company, Seiko, Seth Thomas Clock Company, Telechron, Waterbury Clock, WestcloxClock & Watch

1950, First Aid for Injured Westclox; Westclox, Division of General Time Corporation, LaSalle, Illinois, USA

September 19501950, First Aid for Injured Westclox; Westclox, Di . . .Clock and watch parts catalog with repair hints. Covers models made since late 1944. Issued Septembe . . . Parts CatalogWestcloxClock & Watch

1953 John Plain Book (Catalog) of Gifts and Homewares. John Plain & Co., Chicago, IL

19531953 John Plain Book (Catalog) of Gifts and Homewa . . .These are the pages of Westclox clocks and watches, Telechron clocks, Seth Thomas clocks, and a few . . . CatalogRevere, Sessions, Seth Thomas, Telechron, WestcloxClock & Watch

Westclox Parts Catalog. Gerner-Swissco, London.

ca. 1956 - 1958Westclox Parts Catalog. Gerner-Swissco, London.Gerner-Swissco LTD, 123 Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C.I., Tel HOL3392. 32 pages, printed on thin pap . . . Parts CatalogWestcloxClock & Watch
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