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NameSummaryParent Co.Child Co.Is Base Co.
Sterling Clock CompanyMaker of Sterling Electric automobile clocks. Was in Meridan, Connecticut, then bought by Westclox and moved to LaSalle, Illinois.Yes
St. Louis Computing CompanyA corporation of St. Louis, Missouri. A Stahlberg patent is assigned to this company.Yes
Stockham Manufacturing CompanyChicago, Illinois. Some patents for cast front clock cases are assigned to them.Yes
SunbeamA well-known American appliance maker. Made electric clocks for a while.Yes
Taylor InstrumentsTaylor Instruments was founded in 1851. They made measuring instruments for the manufacturing industry, and altimeters for fighter jets in WWI. They are well known for their thermometers, barometers a . . . Yes
TelechronThis is the base company for Warren Clock Co., Warren Telechron Co., etc. as well as General Electric.General Electric; General Electric Telechron; Revere; Telechron Inc.; Warren Clock Company; Warren T . . . Yes
TorkThe Tork Clock Company Inc., Mount Vernon, NY. Made clock operated switches.Yes
Wakmann WatchFounded in 1946 by Mr. Icko Wakmann.

Waltham Watch CompanyProduced about 40,000 watches and related items from 1850 to 1957. (Source Wikipedia)Yes
Waterbury ClockWaterbury Clock Company.

The Benedict & Burnham Manufacturing Company of Waterbury, CT was formed in January 1843 to manufacture brass sheeting, brass products and gilt buttons. By the summer of 18 . . .
Waterbury WatchWaterbury Watch Company was organized in 1880 to make inexpensive watches. In 1898 it was renamed New England Watch Company.Yes
Webb C. BallWatch manufacturers, Cleveland, Ohio. Specialized in railroad watches and clocks.Yes
WestcloxThis is the base company for Westclox, including United Clock Co., Western Clock Co., Western Clock Mfg. Co., etc.General Time Corporation; General Time Instruments Corporation; United Clock Company; Westclox Canad . . . Yes
Western Brass1945 advertisement: Western Brass Mills, Division of Olin Industries, Inc. East Alton, Illinois. 1956 advertisement: Western Brass, Western Brass Mills Division, Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation, E . . . Yes
Columbia Time ProductsA name Westclox used ca. the 1950s - 1960s on some private label or lower priced clocks.No
Eastern Time LimitedHong Kong, maker of clocks and movements for Westclox. Founded ca. 1964.No
General ElectricPart owner of Warren Telechron Company. Marketed clocks with the General Electric name.TelechronNo
General Electric TelechronName used in the mid-1950s on clocks.TelechronNo
General Time CorporationHolding company for Westclox and Seth Thomas starting in 1949.General Time; Seth Thomas; WestcloxNo
General Time Instruments CorporationHolding company for Westclox and Seth Thomas 1936 - 1949.General Time; Seth Thomas; WestcloxNo
PlymouthName used by Seth Thomas in the 1930s - 1950s for a lower priced lines of clocks.Seth ThomasNo
Regent Mfg. Co.Chicago. Made cast front cases that often housed Western Clock Clock Manufacturing Company or Western Clock Company movements.No
RevereThe Revere Clock Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. Made chime and strike clocks using Telechron motors.TelechronNo
Seth Thomas Clock CompanyBefore Seth Thomas was part of General TimeSeth ThomasNo
SwartzbaughThe Swartzbaugh Mfg. Co. Toledo, Ohio. Maker's name on the Everhot Appliance Timer made by Westclox.No
Telechron Inc.Telechron, Inc. ca. the 1950sTelechronNo
TimexBrand of popular-priced wrist watches (and a few clocks).

In 1922, Waterbury Clock Company purchased the Robert H. Ingersoll & Bro. company. In 1944, Waterbury Clock Co. was renamed U.S. Time Corp . . .
Waterbury ClockNo
United Clock CompanyFounded by Charles Stahlberg, et. al. in 1885.WestcloxNo
United Time ProductsA name Westclox used ca. the 1930s - 1950s on some private label or lower priced clocks.No
Warren Clock CompanyHenry Warren's first companyTelechronNo
Warren Telechron CompanyHenry Warren's second companyTelechronNo
Westclox Canada Talley IndustriesWestclox Canada, Talley Industries, a division of Talley Canada Inc.WestcloxNo
Westclox Div. General Time CanadaWestclox Division General Time of Canada Limited; Peterborough, Canada.WestcloxNo
Westclox Div. General Time Canada TalleyWestclox Division General Time of Canada Limited, A Talley Industries Company; Peterborough, Canada.WestcloxNo
Westclox Division of General Time CorporationStarting in 1949WestcloxNo
Westclox Division of General Time Instruments CorporationThis name used when General Time Instruments Corporation was formed in 1936.WestcloxNo
Western Clock Company 1887Started in 1887.WestcloxNo
Western Clock Company 1912 to 1936Starting in 1912WestcloxNo
Western Clock Company Ltd. CanadaWestern Clock Company, Ltd., Peterborough, CanadaWestcloxNo
Western Clock Manufacturing CompanyStarting in 1888WestcloxNo
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