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NameSummaryParent Co.Child Co.Is Base Co.
GilbertWilliam L. Gilbert was born in 1806 in Northfield, CT (a village of Litchfield) and became interested in the booming clockmaking business at Bristol in 1828. In that year he and his brother–in–law . . . Yes
Golden Novelty Mfg. Co.Made cast front cases that often housed Western Clock Clock Manufacturing Company or Western Clock Company movements. Chicago, Illinois.Yes
GruenBecame known as Gruen Watch Company in 1922.Yes
HamiltonHamilton Watch Company. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Produced its first watch in 1893.Yes
HammondHammond Clock Company was founded in 1928 to produce electric clocks with a manual-starting synchronous motor. The company became known as the Hammond Instrument Company in 1937. They made clocks unti . . . Yes
HaydonForestville, Conn and other locations. Makers of electric synchronous motors.Yes
HECOHenry Coehler Company, New York. Importer of 400 day and cuckoo clocks, dealer for Junghans clocks in the 1950sYes
Hytron CorporationManufacturer of vacuum tubes. Bought out by CBS in 1951. Advertisements state that Hytron developed the GT tube starting in 1938, and the first miniature (baseless) tube also in 1938. Company location . . . Yes
Illinois Watch CompanySpringfield, Illinois.Yes
Imperial Co.Chicago. Maker of cast front clock cases.Yes
IngersollThe Ingersoll Watch Company started as mail order business (R H Ingersoll & Bro) started in New York City in 1882 by 21-year-old Robert Ingersoll and his brother Charles Ingersoll.Yes
IngrahamElias Ingraham (1805–1885) was born in Marlborough, CT, and became a famous clock case maker and designer. In 1828 he came to Bristol, CT to design and make clock cases for George Mitchell, a succes . . . Yes
JunghansMaker of clocks and watches, still in existence, founded in Germany in 1861.Yes
Kenmore KodelKenmore clocks by The Kodel Electric & Manufacturing Co., 517 East Pearl St., Cincinnati, Ohio.Yes
Kern and SohnGerman maker of 400 day clocks in the 1950s.Yes
KundoBase company for Kieninger & Obergfell. Maker of 400 day clocks.Yes
LuxThe Lux Clock Manufacturing Company was founded in 1914 by Paul Lux.Yes
MidoA watch company founded in Switzerland in 1918. Well known for their Multifort line of wrist watch waches which are self-winding, waterproof and shock resistant. Today Mido is part of the Swatch Group . . . Yes
Minneapolis HoneywellMinneapolis-Honeywell was created by the merger of Honeywell Heating Specialty Company and Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company in 1927. (Source Wikipedia)Yes
Montgomery WardMail order and department store retailer who marketed some clocks with their name on it.Yes
M. S. BENEDICT MFG. CO.EAST SYRACUSE, N. Y. Maker (or marketer) of cast front clock cases.Yes
New England Watch CompanyThe Waterbury Watch Company was renamed the New England Watch Company in 1898. In 1914 Ingersoll purchased the New England Watch Company.Yes
New HavenChauncey Jerome (1793–1868) was an important figure in early American clock manufacturing. In 1816 he worked for Eli Terry and made the first pillar and scroll cases (to house wooden movements). In . . . Yes
ParkerMaker of alarm clocks in Meridan, Connecticut, ca. 1893 - 1934Yes
Reliance Automatic Lighting Co.Racine, Wisconsin. Maker of electric time switches, windup and synchronous.Yes
SalemSalem Clock Company, 75 Van Dyke Avenue, Hartford, Conn, 06114. Maker (reseller?) of nautical clocks, probably made in Germany.Yes
Sangamo Electric CompanyOriginal owner of the patents for the Sangamo motors used by Westclox and Seth Thomas.

The Sangamo Electric Company was founded in 1899. Made about 40 prototype clocks in 1924 (actually made by the . . .
SchatzThis is the base company for Aug. Schatz and Sohnne; Jahresuhrehfabrik, and Gutenbacher Uhrenfabrik (Gufa).

Jahresuhrenfabrik (Year Clock Factory) made 400 day clocks starting around 1880 - 1885. . . .
SearsThis is the base company for Sears, Roebuck & Company. They sold some Westclox clocks with the Sears name on the dial.Yes
SeikoFounded in 1881, to produce clocks under the name Seikosha. Made watches starting in 1924. (Source Wikipedia)Yes
SessionsElisha N. Welch was born in 1809 at Chatham, CT. He was a businessman who invested in the foundry and clockmaking business. About 1856 Mr. Welch took over the bankrupt J. C. Brown clock factory and st . . . Yes
Seth ThomasThe base company for Seth Thomas.

Seth Thomas was born in Wolcott, CT in 1785, went to work for clockmaker Eli Terry in 1807, bought out Terry’s factory (together with Silas Hoadley) in 1810, and . . .
General Time Corporation; General Time Instruments Corporation; Plymouth; Seth Thomas Clock CompanyYes
StancorStandard Transformer Corporation, Chicago, Illinois.Yes
Sterling Clock CompanyMaker of Sterling Electric automobile clocks. Was in Meridan, Connecticut, then bought by Westclox and moved to LaSalle, Illinois.Yes
St. Louis Computing CompanyA corporation of St. Louis, Missouri. A Stahlberg patent is assigned to this company.Yes
Stockham Manufacturing CompanyChicago, Illinois. Some patents for cast front clock cases are assigned to them.Yes
SunbeamA well-known American appliance maker. Made electric clocks for a while.Yes
Taylor InstrumentsTaylor Instruments was founded in 1851. They made measuring instruments for the manufacturing industry, and altimeters for fighter jets in WWI. They are well known for their thermometers, barometers a . . . Yes
TelechronThis is the base company for Warren Clock Co., Warren Telechron Co., etc. as well as General Electric.General Electric; General Electric Telechron; Revere; Telechron Inc.; Warren Clock Company; Warren T . . . Yes
TorkThe Tork Clock Company Inc., Mount Vernon, NY. Made clock operated switches.Yes
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