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NameSummaryParent Co.Child Co.Is Base Co.
Columbia Time ProductsA name Westclox used ca. the 1950s - 1960s on some private label or lower priced clocks.WestcloxNo
Eastern Time LimitedHong Kong, maker of clocks and movements for Westclox. Founded ca. 1964.WestcloxNo
General ElectricPart owner of Warren Telechron Company. Marketed clocks with the General Electric name.TelechronNo
General Electric TelechronName used in the mid-1950s on clocks.TelechronNo
General Time CorporationHolding company for Westclox and Seth Thomas starting in 1949.General Time; Seth Thomas; WestcloxNo
General Time Instruments CorporationHolding company for Westclox and Seth Thomas 1936 - 1949.General Time; Seth Thomas; WestcloxNo
PlymouthName used by Seth Thomas in the 1930s - 1950s for a lower priced lines of clocks.Seth ThomasNo
Regent Mfg. Co.Chicago. Made cast front cases that often housed Western Clock Clock Manufacturing Company or Western Clock Company movements.No
RevereThe Revere Clock Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. Made chime and strike clocks using Telechron motors.TelechronNo
Seth Thomas Clock CompanyBefore Seth Thomas was part of General TimeSeth ThomasNo
SwartzbaughThe Swartzbaugh Mfg. Co. Toledo, Ohio. Maker's name on the Everhot Appliance Timer made by Westclox.No
Telechron Inc.Telechron, Inc. ca. the 1950sTelechronNo
TimexBrand of popular-priced wrist watches (and a few clocks).

In 1922, Waterbury Clock Company purchased the Robert H. Ingersoll & Bro. company. In 1944, Waterbury Clock Co. was renamed U.S. Time Corp . . .
Waterbury ClockNo
United Clock CompanyFounded by Charles Stahlberg, et. al. in 1885.WestcloxNo
United Time ProductsA name Westclox used ca. the 1930s - 1950s on some private label or lower priced clocks.WestcloxNo
Warren Clock CompanyHenry Warren's first companyTelechronNo
Warren Telechron CompanyHenry Warren's second companyTelechronNo
Westclox Canada Talley IndustriesWestclox Canada, Talley Industries, a division of Talley Canada Inc.WestcloxNo
Westclox Div. General Time CanadaWestclox Division General Time of Canada Limited; Peterborough, Canada.WestcloxNo
Westclox Div. General Time Canada TalleyWestclox Division General Time of Canada Limited, A Talley Industries Company; Peterborough, Canada.WestcloxNo
Westclox Division of General Time CorporationStarting in 1949WestcloxNo
Westclox Division of General Time Instruments CorporationThis name used when General Time Instruments Corporation was formed in 1936.WestcloxNo
Western Clock Company Ltd. CanadaWestern Clock Company, Ltd., Peterborough, CanadaWestcloxNo
Western Clock Company (the first one, 1887 - 1888)Started in 1887.WestcloxNo
Western Clock Company (the second one, 1912 - 1936)Starting in 1912WestcloxNo
Western Clock Manufacturing CompanyStarting in 1888WestcloxNo
Accurate Time Stamp CompanyWest Virginia. Some Stahlberg patents are assigned to this company.Yes
A. L. SwiftChicago. Name seen on dials of the cast iron stove clock.Yes
American Cyanamid CompanyManufacturer of BeetleĀ® and MelmacĀ® molded plastics for clock cases, telephone housings, etc. Address given as PLASTICS DEPARTMENT, 34 Rockefeller Plaza, New York 20, N.Y. in a 1950 advertisement.Yes
AnsoniaThe Ansonia Clock Co. has its roots in Bristol, CT. Theodore Terry, nephew of Eli Terry, and F. C. Andrews formed the firm Terry & Andrews in 1841 to manufacture inexpensive brass movement clocks. The . . . Yes
ArnexMaker of reproduction watches with mechanical movements in the 1970s.Yes
BulovaBulova Watch Company. Imported Swiss watch movements and cased them in the USA.Yes
Catalin Corporation of AmericaManufacturer of Catalin plastic used in clock cases. Address: One Park Avenue, New York 16, N.Y. in 1947 advertisement.Yes
ChelseaChelsea Clock Company. Founded in 1884 as Boston Clock Company, became Chelsea in 1897. Well known for ship's bell clocks. Still making clocks in the USA.Yes
Deemer Mfg. co.Chicago, IL. Name on the back of the case iron stove clocks.Yes
Dura CompanyToledo, Ohio, maker of cast cases such as the Westclox Dura Case modelsYes
E. Howard Watch Co.Base company for E. Howard and Howard watchesYes
EicoMaker of electronic kits including hi-fi, stereo and test equipment. Electronic Instrument Company, Inc. 33 - 00 Northern Blvd., Long Island City 1, N.Y. Eico pioneered build-it-yourself kits for test . . . Yes
ElginMade watches in the USA from 1864 to 1968.Yes
General TimeThis is the base company for General Time Instruments Corp. and General Time Corp.General Time Corporation; General Time Instruments CorporationYes
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