Westclox Monitor Clock Style Series

The first Monitor was a wood cased time only clock made for a short time. Style 2 Monitor was a low-priced top bell alarm clock with legs, and style 3 Monitor was an alarm clock with legs but no bell or ring on top.

When identifying a Monitor style, observe the case shape and ignore the case and dial color, because some styles were made in various case and dial colors, as shown in the detail page for each style.

There are 3 styles in the Westclox Monitor Clock Style Series

Westclox Monitor Style 1


6 inch tall wood case

Dates made:

1922 - 1923
Westclox Monitor Style 2


Top bell legged alarm

Dates made:

1928 - 1934
Westclox Monitor Style 3


Legs but no top bell.

Dates made:

Introduced May 1934

History of the Monitor Clock

The trademark MONITOR was issued to The Western Clock Mfg. Co. on August 2, 1910, number 79,089. The registration contains the statement "The trade-mark has been continuously used in our business since March 23rd, 1910."

Note that the Monitor name was also used on a non-descript pocket watch from 1927 - 1928, and later for commercial electric wall clocks.