Westclox Fawn Alarm Clock Style Series

The Fawn is a metal cased alarm clock made from 1957 to after 1980. There are two styles, the first with small alarm hand, and the second with concentric alarm hand.

When identifying a Fawn style, observe the case shape and ignore the case and dial color, as the styles were made in various case and dial colors, as shown in the detail page for each style.

There are 2 styles in the Westclox Fawn Alarm Clock Style Series

Westclox Fawn Style 1


Small alarm dial, concave bezel.

Dates made:

1957 - 1961
Westclox Fawn Style 2


Concentric alarm hand, convex bezel.

Dates made:

1961 - 1980+

History of the Fawn Alarm Clock

The June-July 1961 Tick Talk introduces the Style 2 Fawn, in pink and ivory (plain or luminous dials).