Westclox Ben Hur Alarm Clock Style Series

The Ben Hur style 1 alarm clock was the first clock with a metal base produced by Westclox. First it was made in nickel case with white plain dial or black luminous dial. In 1928, solid-color painted cases in blue, green and red were introduced, with plain or luminous dials.

When identifying a Ben Hur style, observe the case shape and ignore the case and dial color, as some styles were made in various case and dial colors, as shown in the detail page for each style.

There are 2 styles in the Westclox Ben Hur Alarm Clock Style Series

Westclox Ben Hur Style 1


Round case, cast metal base.

Dates made:

1926 - 1932
Westclox Ben Hur Style 2


Thin case, top alarm shut-off.

Dates made:

1932 - 1935

History of the Ben Hur Alarm Clock

A trademark for BEN HUR was granted to Western Clock Co. on April 14, 1914. The registration states "The trademark has been continuously used in our business since January 6th, 1914." I am not aware of any Ben Hur models that early.

An electric clock called Ben Hur was made in Canada. It looks like the US produced "Ben Franklin" electric in black Bakelite case, but has a manual start movement.