Intermitently Repeating Alarm Mechanism


The alarm sounds for a brief period and stops, and about every two minutes it sounds for another brief period, until run down or shut off.

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"Abstract: A spring wound alarm clock, an alarm mechanism which permits an intermittent sounding of the alarm. Such mechanism comprises a star wheel which causes the alarm clapper to repeatedly oscillate and strike the bell surface to sound the alarm. In keeping with the present invention, at least one tooth of the star wheel is deformed from the others and serves to arrest the slapper and thereby silence the alarm after a very brief alarm-sounding period; not more than a single revolution of the star wheel. Following about two minutes of silence, a continuously rotating cam wheel which is in engagement with a projection on the clapper member effectively removes the clapper from the star wheel arresting position and thereby frees the mechanism for a second brief alarm-sounding period. The above intermittent sequence of very brief alarm-sounding will continue up to approximately 50 minutes, or until the alarm mechanism is manually disabled."

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Inventor: Edward F. Cielaszyk, Oglesby, Ill. Asignee: General Time Corporation, Mesa, Ariz.

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United States

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Alarm Mechanism for a Clock

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General Time Corporation   




Cielaszyk, Edward

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