Westclox Models with Model Number: 341

There are 3 Models with model number 341 in the database

Westclox Baby Ben Style 2 Blue Crackle Non Luminous
Crackle blue/gold finish, gold color paper dial. Starting in 1930, the dial no longer said DeLuxe.
Dates made: 1928 - 1930
Westclox Baby Ben Style 2 Light Blue Solid Gold Leaf Numeral
Light blue solid color painted finish, off-white dial with embossed gold leaf numerals.
Dates made: 1930 - 1932
Westclox Fawn Style 1 Pink Plain
Fawn style 1 alarm clock, pink non-luminous. Small alarm dial, concave bezel.
Dates made: January 1957 - 1961